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  1. Callisto405

    Help identify disease

    Any idea what this is? Fungus, ich or something else. Located on left pectoral fin and tail. Thanks
  2. Callisto405

    Setting up a betta breeding tank?

    So I'm setting up a new betta breeding tank and have everything set up, seasoned driftwood, plants, heater, almond leaves and a seasoned filter. Well it's actually a pre-filter but it's very large and has been in there a few months and I converted it into a regular sponge filter and I cleaned...
  3. Callisto405

    How do I gravel clean when the tank is close to the floor?

    I modified a 10 Gallon tank stand to hold 2 10 gallon tanks instead of one. The new tank only sits off the ground about 4 inches. I could take the stand apart drill new holes and move the floor of the stand up a few more inches but I don’t want to do all that. So the question is, can I clean it...
  4. Callisto405

    Mystery Fry?

    what are these little fish stuck to the wall of a small temporary betta holding tank. Female betta. Other fish include Mollies, swordtails, SAE, Corydoras and a pleco. Any ideas? There are only 2 I can see and they are NOT free swimming yet so I know it's not mollies or swordtails
  5. Callisto405

    Can these Bettas breed

    Are these 2 bettas the same type. If they are or are not can they still breed?
  6. Callisto405

    Red open gill

    My fish is breathing hard and has 1 open red gill. Is it bgd?
  7. Callisto405

    How long does API general cure stay good for

    I bought a box of API General Cure today and noticed to expire date is 11/2023. I would have thought it would last longer than 2 years if unopened. Is it a ploy by the retailer to get you to buy it more often or does it actually degrade that quick. What do you think? I like to stock up on stuff
  8. Callisto405

    New H.O.B Filter

    Tank is a 55g and has been cycled and running great for 6 months. How long do I run my old hob with my new H.O.B until it's colonized. I'm assuming around a month. Can I kick start it by adding some media directly on the filter? What say you!
  9. Callisto405

    Instant Cycling Betta Tank

    The other day my dad came home with 3 gallon cube tank w/ a betta and 2 small whisker shrimp. He asked me to set it up for him. I reminded him that the tank should have been cycled before buying a fish. So what I did is take a piece of extra sponge I keep in my tank (for this exact purpose) and...
  10. Callisto405

    sick fish

    I have a black neon that has 1 open red gill and looks inflamed, fish also looks dull looking. It's been the same for 3 days. the fish won't eat either. It's been in a quarantine tank since I bought it. It was the only one left in the store and since I had 2 at home already I thought I would...
  11. Callisto405

    Outdoor aquarium fish?

    I would like to start a fish tank outside on the lanai. I live in southern florida. What type of fish would this be possible with? I could get a heater to help in the winter time but what would i do about the heat of the summer. I don't have a $1,000 for a chiller either. Any thoughts?
  12. Callisto405

    Is this good filtration

    Is this good enough filtration for my tank? I took out the thin stock throw away filter and replaced it with this Fluval foam. My filter is an AQUA-Tech 10-20. 10 gallon tank. 6 Ember Tetras, 5 green kubotai rasboras, 2 corries and 3 hatchet fish. I do water changes every 5-7 days. Any suggestions?
  13. Callisto405

    Harlequin Rasbora

    My Rasboras were doing a little dance in my nano tank. They would be side by side pointed in opposite directions, even touching bodies they were so close. We're they spawning?
  14. Callisto405

    What kind of tetra is this

    Got this by mistake in a bag of fish. Can't figure what species it is. It's the fish with the black stripes and red tail
  15. Callisto405

    Treating a very sick fish

    This cory was a rescue from a very neglected tank. He was totally on the verge of death. If a strong current of water came and knocked him on his side, he would lay there and look dead for a minute because he was to weak to move, I swore he was dead looking at him but he would eventually right...
  16. Callisto405

    Whats the preferred choice for water

    I would like to know the preferred choice of water for aquariums amongst the advanced fish community
  17. Callisto405

    10g Planted Tank

    5 Rasboras, 5 Neons, 4 Ember Tetras, 2 Corys (1 Panda and 1 albino), 3 hatchet fish and a couple mystery snails. I know it's a bit overcrowded but I really love the Hatchet fish and had to get 3 when I saw them. I'll just have to make sure nitrate levels don't spike
  18. Callisto405

    Fish dead after water change

    I have a 29 gallon tank that has been cycled for 2 months and have had no problems. I have been doing 25% water changes every week for the last 2 months since I added fish and have had no problems. Today I decided to do a 50% change due to high nitrates. The water temperature was exactly...
  19. Callisto405

    My 10 gallon tank

    Here's my try at a 10 gallon planted tank. Tank has 5 neons, 4 ember tetras, 5 Rasboras, and 7 congo tetras ( probably going to transfer them to my 55 gallon I'm setting up) and 2 gold mystery snails. Should I use any root tabs on root bearing plants, already using liquid fertilizer. Pease feel...
  20. Callisto405

    Fish dying

    It all started 4 days ago when my dad bought 3 Siamese algae eaters and 3 panda corydoras. 10 gallon tank. Small tank I know. He said they were in the car for a few hours. When we put them in the tank they looked very grey in color. The next day 1 was belly up. All the corys and other algae...