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    Cichlid fry. What do I do?

    I have a polar snow white parrot cichlid and a polar blue parrot cichlid. They had babies, just found them last night. What do I do? First time raising them. What to feed and what about separating them? Also it was time for a water change and a substrates cleaning. How long can I wait if I...
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    Platinum Gourami

    I'm slowly restocking my 75 gallon tank. I have a large pleco, 2 red-eye tetras, 2 grown Cory's and 1 Platinum Gourami. I just added 4 small Cory's, 4 paradise blue gouramis and 5 white skirt tetras. My platinum is chasing the skirts and the paradise fish. Will this stop after a few days? Do I...
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    29 gallon stocking ideas

    I've just finished cycling my 29 gallon tank. My son came home with 2 rainbow sharks and 2 iridescent sharks. Is there any other fish I can put with these guys?
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    55 gallon tank restocking ideas

    I currently have 2 cory cats, 1 pleco, 2 redeye tetras, 2 powder blue gouramis, 2 moonlight gouramis, 1 polar parrot cichlid, 1 polar blue parrot cichlid, and 2 white angelfish (maybe platinum's not sure). I like schooling fish and the dojo loaches. Should I add more of what I already have or go...
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    New tank fish floating daily help!!

    Just got a 29 gallon. Had it running for about 12-14 days before putting fish in it. Added 4 scissortail rasboras, 3 red eye tetras, and 1 cherry barb Saturday from my 55 gallon that I was redecorating and had an emergency with... Got a post on that. Sunday my son added 3 tiny catfish looking...
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    Cloudy water and dying fish

    I have a 55gallon tank that has been established for over a year. I decided Saturday to redecorate. Added new gravel, plants and decor. Everything was rinsed. I done a 50% water change also. I left the fish in the tank. I couldn't catch them, so to avoid stressing them anymore I left them alone...