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    Crustaceans on skin.

    Hi folks, Here's my details, I've got a Juwel Rekord 70 aquarium with 1pr dwarf Gourami, 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 6 Neon Tetras, 1 Plecotomus and 6 Black Widow Tetras. I got a 24" plant selection - so well planted. I do a weekly water change of 25% and my latest test results are...
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    Hong kong pleco

    I've got two wonderful, filter ornaments - Gastromyzon ctenocephalus (I believe) Hong Kong Pleco was the shop name. I went out with me 2 older kids to get some more test strips and I was wanting a pleco, to start cleaning my tank (I've got a lovely algae plantation going  :D ).  The worst thing...
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    Nitrates (no3) in tap water

    My water tap tests have shown Nitrates @ 50-75 mg/l. What is the best method of getting it down, I've had the tap water running a few minutes before filling up my bucket of water. I've put in decholrinator and conditioner then tested the water after a brew and I get Nitrates @ 50-75mg/l. The...
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    Would you believe it

    With the problems that I've had so far (self inflicted mind you) I was watching my Neons whilst having breakfast. I'm sure I was watching some kind of courtship ritual. Two neons were side by side and quivering and the next moment I saw something that looked like eggs to me, which were gobbled...
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    Is it or is it not?

    I noticed last night as I was switching off my tank lights, that my Neons have (what looks like to me) nipped fins - I am thinking fin rot, but I've also been observing fin nipping by the neons - so not quite sure. There are some fraying of the fins, I haven't seen any redness to the fins (but...
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    Reccomended reading

    Here's my collection of books so far: An Interpet Guide to Aquarium Plants (Barry James) A-Z Tropical Fish Diseases and Health Problems (Burgess, Bailey and Exell) The Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish (Dick Mills) The Interpet Q&A manual of The Tropical Freshwater Aquarium (Gina Sandford) The...
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    What's going on here

    On the 19th May, I bought our tank for my eldest son, we stocked up the tank with water from the tap.  On Thursday 23rd of May we bought 10 Neon Tetras but were given 12  :)  everything was fine. On Saturday the 25th of May we bought 6 Black Widow Tetras and a pair of Dwarf Gouramies from a...
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    Ammonia in water supply

    I bought some fish today, black widow tetras and a pair of dwarf rainbow gouramies, whilst I was waiting for my switch card to go through, I noticed a sign about water treatment by the water athurotiy, they've done a test area adding ammonia to counter balance the cholirine, apparently it's...
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    Stones from a quarry

    I originally aquired some stones from a quarry for making planters (it didn't work  :( ) and I was wondering if I could use them for me tank.  I'm thinking of making two levels in the aquarium, if I cleaned or boiled the stones, would I be able to use them.  As to the type of stone I haven't got...
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    Just saying hello

    Hi folks, Here for the first time, and looking forward to reading the forums. I've had fish many years ago. I've been pestered by me kids to get a tank so I did, getting fish in the next few days :D Duncan