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  1. Luna0341

    Cloudy Tank

    So I've got 10gal tank that planted, it might be overstocked but only slightly. I got a female Betta, 3 Endlers, 3 bronze cories. ( Before you respond about the tank being too small, I've already heard it, we plan to upgrade them soon, before you respond about my Betta , Ive already heard it...
  2. Luna0341

    Plant Problems

    10gal tank. Fully cycled. About 7 months. Fish occupants include 1 Betta, 3 Endlers, and 3 Cory. I have an Amazon Sword which does fine, and another plant ( don't know name) that thrives, got two other species of plants that turn brown or transparent, so I've added fertilizer to help them, which...
  3. Luna0341

    Transferring to Larger Tank

    Can I take an already cycled tank (10gal) and transfer everything from the filters, decor, and substrate to a slightly larger tank say 20gal long, without having to cycle it? This could be stupid question, but I figure it's slightly more water volume, nothing really changes, I'll have the same...
  4. Luna0341

    Old threads

    How do I delete old threads I've posted?
  5. Luna0341

    A/C out

    My A/C went out last night. Through the night my tank stayed at about 78 degrees but the temperature this morning was at 81. I froze my water change water last night that I keep reading. So I was able to put ice in the tank that's been treated. Got the temp slowly back to 78. I put more water in...
  6. Luna0341

    New 50Gal Stocking

    So I found a good deal on a 50gal long at PetSmart for around $136. It's not cycled yet, so it'll be awhile before I can stock it, but I'm going to really plan ahead this time. I got 3 bronze Cory right now, I'll move over to 50gal and probably but 3 more. I was thinking 5-6 Rainbows, 11-15...
  7. Luna0341

    Fin smaller on one side

    I have a female Elephant Ear Betta and she's has gotten pretty big in the last few months. Color looks good, fins all look good. But I've noticed that her fin on her one side is significantly larger than fin on other side. Is this normal?
  8. Luna0341

    Adding Pygmy Corys

    So I ordered 10 Pygmy Corys that I'm picking up next week, for a 10 gal tank, my question though is Can I put them in all at the same time or do I need to break it up say 6 one week and then 4 the next?
  9. Luna0341


    So I'm eager to put some Cory's with my female Betta in a 10gal. I was wanting dwarf Cory's but have heard mixed things about them being fragile and people having trouble with them dying. So I was wondering if pygmy Cory's would be better. Does anyone have advice or opinion on the hardiness of...