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  1. SeanTrollope

    Freestate rivers

    Does anyone have a detailed list with pictures and behavioral traits of all the small fish and invetebra that occur in the Freestate (South Africa) particularly in the vreede aria, i'm trying to come up with a list of all the plant and animal species that occur on our farm, im having a difficult...
  2. SeanTrollope


    Hello. i know its been a while since i have been on here, also forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but im part of several other forums and i can access all of them via tapatalk (app for your phone) yet this forum is not on there, is there a possibility that it can be put on? and i suspect...
  3. SeanTrollope

    Fish that decimate all. With a catch.

    Right to I know I haven't been on here in a while. And I shelved the shrimps in my 10 gallon tank. Partly due to studies. Partly due to the fact that the tank sits on the sun and I had a huge algae problem. So the tank stood for a long time empty. But what I've done now is set it up with a...
  4. SeanTrollope

    Butterfly fish or what ever.

    Hi guys. Sorry I've been gone a while. But yeah. Race car. Anyway. I stopped at the lfs today and bam. There they were. They said that they were butterfly fish but I'm not so sure. Any way. What are they. And what can or can't they do well with. What water. What size tank. Etc. Please...
  5. SeanTrollope

    Is this any use

    So I am part of a south African forum and a member posted this compatibility chart. As far as I can see it is pretty good in general (i do understand if I shouldn't have posted this and it is removed. I will also specify the member and forum if required) Sent from my SM-G570F using Tapatalk
  6. SeanTrollope

    Shocked and led to question

    Please will you all read the list of freshwater fish that are blacklisted in SA. Some are so stupid. Sent from my SM-G570F using Tapatalk
  7. SeanTrollope

    10 gal my first of many tanks being revived

    So after getting inspired to start another tank from a certain pea puffer Savannah (thanks btw) I eventually got some time to make progress. Get a filter and get the tank up and running. This tank was the first tank I ever owned. yep. About a week ago i fetched it out of the garage. Cleaned...
  8. SeanTrollope

    gouramis and x ray tetras

    as my angels have died i would like to replace them with some other fish as the tanks (120 liter) b shaped tank is a little to small. i was wondering if these very beautiful fish would be okay in a tank along with a school of 7 x ray tetras and 6 peppered cories. the tank is planted and cycled...
  9. SeanTrollope

    pond problems

    our fishpond is about 2000 to 2500 liters and we are having trouble with the pumps getting clogged and then burning out. it is stocked with koi and goldfish. it never gave problems until we made it about double its size. thus we doubled the filtration but we also added lilies and papyrus to it...
  10. SeanTrollope

    there are snails but are there sulgs

    it is extremely common to find aquatic snails in the aquarium hobby weather it is deliberate or not but are there any freshwater slugs that appear in aqueria.
  11. SeanTrollope

    how much work is a BIG tank

    I've always wanted a massive tank but I've always been put off my the obvious workload and cost. but how much work is a 250 gal + tank. how much electricity does it use and what complexities are there in terms of low budget filters.
  12. SeanTrollope

    flow rates

    so unfortunately i lost my last angel fish today. i took my new filter out as i was not exactly happy with it and put my old one back. i want to have a high flow rate tank as i like the look if the plants swaying about. i also believe that the x ray tetras enjoy hi flow rates. but i also have...
  13. SeanTrollope

    are my coryies acting unusually

    its been a while since i kept cories and i have observed mine very often go to the surface to collect bubbles.(this seems pretty normal)but what bothers me is that sometimes they just sit there motionless for a while.
  14. SeanTrollope

    safe African wood

    what wood is safe to use that occurs in relative abundance in southern Africa. i would like to add a nice piece of wood to my tank but i find the ones that one can get at the lfs are either very bland or way over priced. since we have access to large pieces of land(bushveld) literally over the...
  15. SeanTrollope

    angelfish help

    so i noticed my male angelfish acting strange. he was just sitting at the surface seemibly gasping for air. all the other fish in the tank are acting normally. when i switched the lights on to have a better look he started swiming funny and then began doing flips. now he has stopped and is...
  16. SeanTrollope

    aquatic animals that clean for us

    so at the moment i have a small algae problem in my curve glass tank (the only one set up at the moment) i would like to know what aquatic animals that do a good job of algae removal there are and what are the positives and negatives thereof.:big_boss:
  17. SeanTrollope

    keeping shrimps

    ive always been told that shrimp are very sensitive and tricky to keep. is this true and what does it take to keep them.
  18. SeanTrollope

    what goes well with.....

    right so in a 4 ft setup (planted) what would go well with featherfin squeaker and tiger barbs. the water is relatively hard but i cant give precise readings. the tank is cycled.:kana: thanks in advance.
  19. SeanTrollope

    filter pump keeps blocking

    when we rebuilt our pond we also replaced our filter pump with two slightly smaller ones and also doubled our filter volume. the problem we have is that the pump inlets keep getting gunked up as the pond does get a debris falling into it. we also added a wetland with papyrus and water lilies as...
  20. SeanTrollope

    how did you get into fish keeping

    hi all. as i was introduced to fish keeping by my older brother i am curious to know how you were all introduced to fish keeping and would like to know where you all started off.