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  1. Darya

    Update on my guppy fry - now 3 months old!

    Here is an update on my 3-month-old guppy fry from my previous post. Because of their rapid growth, you can already see their stunning colors. Most of the males have long black tails and blue shine on the body area with a hint of orange. Others are completely black with a hint of blue on their...
  2. Darya

    My nerita snail have ruined my aquarium with eggs

    I just found out that my red spotted nerita snail is a female, and there were no problem with that..Untill she laid eggs EVERYWHERE in my new planted aquarium •_• Even worse, they are really difficult to remove (some of them wont come off) and she never stops laying eggs (there is no other...
  3. Darya

    Guppy/endler crossbreed?

    Okey, so i bought this female guppy a couple of months ago (knowing she was pregnant). I bought her with another female guppy so they could live at peace from the harassing males, haha. Anyways, the pregnant guppy gave birth to some fry and i decided to keep them in a seperate tank. They’re...