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  1. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Convict Aggression

    Hey Guys,   I have a pair of convict cichlids that have spawned in my 29g. Some eggs were layed on the side of one flower pot where the mother guarded them, and some were inside a flowerpot across the tank where the father guarded them. The father stayed in the flower pot with half of the fry...
  2. RyanTheFishGuy64

    29G Convict Pair

    Hey Guys!    After months of researchong, preparing, and cycling,I finally have my 29g Convict Cichlid tank set up, and stocked! Ive decided not to go with plants, considering the type of fish we are dealing with, and Id also like to have this tank keep a clean crisp look to it. I will be...
  3. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Seeding Filter Media

    I have a new 29g, that will be a little bit before I can do anything with, so I was wondering how to seed its filter media in my other tank. Can I just sit it in the back of the tank, or do I have to strap it to the front of the out flow, considering it wont fit inside of the 10g filter. I guess...
  4. RyanTheFishGuy64

    New 29G Stocking

    Hey Guys,   This christmas I got a new 29g, and I need some stocking advice. I was REALLY wanting to do cichlids, but the people at cichlid-forum said i was very very limited on my options. I am aware on cycling and filtration and all of that, but I hope you guys could give me some good...
  5. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Dirting An Established Tank?

    Hey Guys,   I have 10g that has been running for about 2 years, and my plants arent really doing anything at all. My Java Moss is the only thing that has visually grown. I have some Jungle Val that i have had for AT LEAST 6 months and it hasnt gotten any taller or had any runner. I have an...
  6. RyanTheFishGuy64

    10G Betta Tank

    Long Time No See! So I have a 10g that is fully cycled and I plan on getting a betta tomorrow! Do you know of any other fish that I could house with it? I plan on also getting an Apple Snail. Would any Corys fit? Thanks! 
  7. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Help Me Trick Out My New 5G

    Hey Guys!   So my Dad came up to me today and told me how pretty he thinks Bettas are. And I told that we should get a 5g and put it in the kitchen, and he thought it was a great idea. So since this is the first tank Im going to have thats not in my room, he wants it to be tricked out and look...
  8. RyanTheFishGuy64

    A Journey Of Buying Out Of The Country

    Hey Guys!   I plan on setting up a 5gal. Betta Tank, but I didnt want any regular run of the mill "blue with a litttle red in the fins" LFS Betta. So I was looking on AB and found this beautiful boy Id like. I really dont understand how Trans shippers work. It states only a 5$ shipping charge...
  9. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Everyone's Favorite Thread Topic...

    So I have found myself with an empty 45g and i was looking for some stocking advice! I am willing to do cold or tropical, but right now it is cold. I am willing to buy a heater for tropical, so dont leave that out! Thanks  
  10. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Guppy Breeding Program

    So, i am going to start breeding my livebearers, and I was wondering who had any good setup ideas? I plan to compact it as much as possible, with the most low maintenance as possible, because at the end of the day, its my first time, and its all really for experience and fun! Below, i have...
  11. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Ohio River

    So, a couple months ago, my dad bought an apartment building near the ohio river. The building was built in the 1800's and he wants some pictures of it from back then to put in the "lobby" He wants the "lobby" area to really stand out and show the building's past. I suggested to put in a fish...
  12. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Fish Dropping One After Another?

    Hello. I have a tank of Platies and I seem to have a predicament. In September of this year is when I got a load of platies added to my sparse tank. My order came with a "free fish" that only had half a tail and I was instructed that it would heal over time. The fish always had a hard time...
  13. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Is This Possible?

    So yesterday I walked into Petsmart to pick up an Anubias plant. After I got the plant I went to go look at the fish. (Not that i'd ever buy a fish from there but just looking at the half dead ich corrupted corpses to pass time waiting for my mother to park the car outside) There was a tank that...
  14. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Caring For Snail Ramshorn Eggs?

    Hey Guys   A couple of weeks ago i saw my snails mating. I was expecting eggs above the waterline as I researched, but apparently that wasn't the case. This morning, I found a little brownish sac in the corner of the glass on the silicon seal. Upon closer inspection I found 13! I set up my 2.5...
  15. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Cycle At A Standstill

    So my tank has been up for 4 weeks now, I added the amount of ammonia suggested for what Im housing. I added a heater too, to increase the speed. Nothing happened to the parameters at all during those 3 weeks. Last week I added Tetra Safe Start (equivalent to Dr. Tims). Ammonia went down from...
  16. RyanTheFishGuy64

    My Pregnant Platy

    Hey Guys! Well I wanted to share my pregnant platy I just got and was wondering how far along you thought she was?  Thanks
  17. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Snail Id

    Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone could ID this snail? I found it recently after getting a new plant. Now I have So anyways, Thanks!
  18. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Tips On Breeding Fish (For Money)

    So Ive been thinking for a while and I have been looking on AB for a while and I have decided I want to breed fish and sell them. If anyone has an tips on how to get started, I'd love the info! Thanks
  19. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Ordering Online!

    I'm proud to say I am ordering fish online for the first time! If anyone has any tips then Id be glad to hear them! Thanks
  20. RyanTheFishGuy64

    Wanted: Assortment Of Platies

    WANTED: Blue Micky Mouse Platy,  Honey Bee Platy, Koi Platy   Age and condition: Healthy ALL FEMALE Quantity needed:  1 of each Reason for need: Stocking Aquarium Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: Low as possible.  Postage & Packaging Price: Low as possible as well...