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    Tank update.

    So thought id give an update on my tank. My plants have really taken off the last few months. The dwarf sagg and hygro campact carombosa is new, from Dustins Fishtanks, if in US id highly recommend. Ordered one hygro he sent about 6. Anyway here it is.
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    Whats your favorite tetra and why?

    Personally i like rummy nose the most, the bright nose and the zebra tail are nice and i like that they keep tighter shoals than most bout you???
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    Top 5 fish you've kept???

    I watch a lot of sports and in sports people are always compiling lists of the top 5 and top 10 and GOAT and all that so i thought id have some fun and do a list of top 5 fish ive kept. Or you could post top 5 fish you want to keep or top 10 fish youve kept, excited to see peoples lists! Mine in...
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    Dwarf Pencilfish.(Nanostomus marginatus) ???

    Once im done social isolating im thinking about getting a group of these. Ive never kept any kind of pencil fish before but i like that these stay small and am looking for a small fish that will fill out the middle to top of my tank. I have a planted 20long with 10 neons and 1 male bolivian RAM...
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    Frog bit wandering help???

    Just got some frog bit never had it before. Its a 20 gallon long tank 2 HOB filters one on each end of tank. Question is. Is there a trick to keep frog bit from getting stuck behind HOB filter?
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    Never kept africans, some ????

    So my brother just got a 75 gallon. His water ph is 8.3 and he doesnt have GH yet but i know its pretty hard to my understanding africans need gh of 10-20? What can yall tell me about peacocks and suitable other african cichlid tankmates and any other useful tips. Thanks!
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    Mixing Cichlids???

    So i dont have the tank yet, probably wont for a while but im trying to gather as much info as i can. Ive kept Rams in the past but never larger cichlids. Im planning on getting either a 75 gal or a 125gal and would like to keep some S american cichlids other than dwarfs, so ive been looking up...
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    Switching to RO water because my local tap water is scary. Want opinions on how to best remineralize?

    I add potassium in the form of k2SO4 calcium in form of calcium chloride, magnesium in form of mag sulfate and a comprehensive liquid fert called easy green. Question? Is this enough to raise my KH above 1 or do i need to add something like baking soda to increase KH. Any help would be useful?
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    All my inverts are dying.

    Ive recently started a new tank it been running for about 3 weeks now. Its a 20 gallon long that i previously had about a year and a half ago but tore down when i moved. Prior to its current issues my son had taken the magnet stick on algae claener and stirred up all the soil, it was a dirted...
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    Staurogyne Repens???

    So just kinda fell into inheriting some of these, theyre in the mail be here in a few days. Ive never kept Repens before been reading up on them but wondering if anyone that has first hand knowledge from keeping it could share ones experience and tips or what worked best or didnt.?
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    Dry Fert confusion???

    In the past i've used k2S04 to supplement potassium calcium chloride for calcium and magnesium sulfate for magnesium. Recently ive discovered potassium chloride commonly used in home water softeners is cheaper than potassium sulfate. Question is. If adding Kcl potassium chloride softens water...
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    Black Diamond blasting Sand???

    Wondering if anyone has experience using black blasting sand, its pretty cheap comes in 3 different grain sizes. Was wondering if have used which grain size is most effective for plants and how effective it was for planted tank. Have used play sand in the past and filter sand but would like a...
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    Questions about Apistogramas

    So im planning on getting a 125 gal tank id like to fill it with tetras and maybe some Apistos but have never had Apistos, ive kept german rams and bolivian rams but dislike that they only live 1 to 2 years where as as far as ive learned most apistos can live up to 5. Ive also read they and...
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    Any Body Use Distilled Water In Their Aquariums?

    i use distilled water in my tanks. it keeps my ph nuetral which is good and the lack of any phosphates or metals or chemicals keeps algae under control. i still add stress coat when i do water changes because it says it coats fishs slimecoats. i also add iron and trace mix and have DIY co2...
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    Question About Shrimp And How To Keep Them Alive?

    currently i have ghost shrimp in my tank. theyre only 10 for a dollar so when they all die within two weeks i'm not too upset. ive also had amono, rudolph and tiger shrimp yet they all seem to die rather quickly usually after their first molt. my tank is planted the ph is between 7- and 6.5...
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    Fluorite And It's Effects On Inverts

    does the use of fluorite have any adverse effects on inverts like dwarf frogs. i have a planted tank wtih african frogs and tetras in it and want to add fluorite for it's iron benefits but am weary about the effects it may have on my frogs if any. i noticed fluorite has a small amount of copper...
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    trying to make DIY plant fertilizers need

    i've been researching chemicals for diy plant ferts becasue i'm tired of shelling out 6 bucks for a 8.5 oz bottle of fluorish. i've been to greg watsons web site and checked out chuck gadds dosage calculator and visited the krib, which all have been very helpful. i've found that kno3 or...
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    has anyone evertried making poor mans

    i've been reading alot about putting kno3 and k2so4 into the tank for the plants and came acrross an article written by two guys. they have a recipe that they swear by and say it controls algae. anyway you mix 2 teaspoons of k2so4 1 teasppon of kno3 2.5 table spoons of hydrated magnesium...