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    Blue acara Fry questions

    Hi just wanted to know if I can keep a pair of Electric Blue and normal Blue acara cichlids in with their fry? Or separate mum and dad with fry? I think the Electric Blue male is a hydrid itself and I need to know; as it is quite aggressive to other fish whether it is safe to remove the Male...
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    Andinoacara species inquiry (acaras and terrors)

    Hello I need to clear up a big question I've had for a while regarding the Andinocara genus of fish species. I need to know more information about blue acaras, electric blue acaras and green terrors which all look very similar sometimes with their blue and green glittery shimmer and seen and...
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    Fish Identification Please Help

    Hi, bought a new fish from a LFS, they didn't know what exactly it was but was sold in a mixed species community tank with filament barbs, severums, silver dollars. Was the only one left of this species, but no one knows what it was. Please see pictures attached. Long 4" silver body with Black...
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    Help With Pangasius Catfish New Arrivals

    Hi I bought these 2 new Pangasius 2-3inch catfish from my local fish shop. They looked healthy no signs of ill health. I  transported them back home which took about 5-6 hours since we live very far away.    The following evening I noticed whitespot disease and flashing on the gravel so I...
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    What To Feed The Pangasius Hypopthalmus Catfish?

    Hi all,   What food is suitable to feed the Pangasius Hypophthalmus catfish? I hear they are omnivores and readily take all foods. My friend has them in a 300 litres tank 4-5foot long and they are small 2-3inch juveniles.    He tried bloodworms and flakes but they have just ignored it. Sometimes...
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    Best Time To Aerate The Water?

    Hi I am saving costs on electric and only want to power my air pump stone for 3-4 hours a day.    When would be the best time or most necessary time to aerate the water during the day? I was thinking afternoon after feeding around 2 o'clock. Let me know if this is an ok time. 
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    Easiest Way To Do Water Change On Tropical Tank?

    Hi,   I have a 40 litre tank and want to add 10 litres of water in future to make it 50 litres. I only have one glass aquarium heater and it takes 24 hours to warm up the water to the correct temperature of 26C. I can't really afford to buy another one.    What could I do to the new water to...
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    Tips And Tricks For The Novice Fishkeeper Please

    Hi can I please have some handy hints and tips for tropical fish-keeping? What can I do to help look after the fish to the best of my ability, for example water changes advice, when to feed, maintenance advice etc.   I have been keeping goldfish for many years but moving onto tropical fish now...
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    Goldfish Parasites Help Diagnose The Disease.

    Hi,   I have bought a new 3" Oranda goldfish which introduced new diseases into my main tank. I have taken out the 3 old fishes and put them into a quarantine tank to treat for whitish lumpy stuff seen on one of the fishes tail, there's only a few on the tail. It still eats fine but had become...