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  1. DerpPH

    Moss/liverwort ID

    Can anyone ID this moss I gathered in a waterfall a few weeks ago? Looks kinda like mini pellia but not too sure since it has a pretty solid structure. Any help would be appreciated
  2. DerpPH

    Need help with buce

    I've recently ordered buce online and they came in after 2 weeks. Originally ordered 10 pieces for a very very good price but sadly only 6 full plants made it along with 2 rhizomes without leaves. They came in pretty bad and I badly need advice on making sure they make it since these are my very...
  3. DerpPH

    8 gallon nano tank update

    It's been a while and a heck lot of work put into it but it is finally starting to come together. Planning to add some ludwigia sp white so I will be replacing the blyxa japonica. Any tips on transitioning ludwigia white to submerased form are also welcome
  4. DerpPH

    Blyxa Japonica help

    So I need a little advice. My blyxa japonica just went and produced flowers. I have read that they do this under severe stress. I just got this last Wednesday. Could it be because I got it a few days prior and it is under stress? Tank size is 6.75 gallons and lights are LEDs with output of 7 watts
  5. DerpPH

    Pencil babies!

    So i had about 6 pencilfish in a quarantine tub for about a month. Turns out they have been making babies while on quarantine for a month! I only got 4 fry so far and put them into the neon tetra tank as I dont think the neons could eat them
  6. DerpPH

    So I just bought a co2 kit and I dont really know how to use this model in particular

    I kinda need help/a tutorial on how to use it. The model I bought was the ista 0.5l co2 kit that came with no manuals or tutorials. The valves dont even have labels does anyone here have any experience with this co2 regulator?
  7. DerpPH

    Im back(again)

    Hey guys im finally back to fishkeeping again. Havent been posting on this forum for a few years now and with the whole quarantine going on I finally have time for serious fishkeeping again Had a few tanks setup like 2 months ago and here they are 1. An indoor 7 gallon tank housing golden...
  8. DerpPH

    Snail ID

    Need help with the ID of these snails. Got them from a local plant supplier for free. My guess is they are a rabbit snail or something related to sulawesi snail
  9. DerpPH

    Native Snails And Shrimp In My Country

    So recently I planned to go to a waterfall to gather shrimps, plants and snails. What methods could you teach me to catch shrimp? I have seen a few babaulti shrimps there during an outing. Also seen some rainbowshrimp and a few stiphodon species and a few plant species like riccia and some sort...
  10. DerpPH

    Guess Ive Been Away For Way Too Long

    Heya TFF! It's me derp from the Philippines. Oh and merry Christmas   Glad to be back, Ive been busy with a lot of things during the past few months(gonna move to college). I guess I haven't payed much attention to the hobby but I decided to start back.   I currently have 2 tanks running(pics to...
  11. DerpPH

    My Mini Monster

    Here is my photogenic reticulated python           in her cage she is 2 ft long           Her beautifully clean pattern   BTW she is wild caught
  12. DerpPH

    Has Anyone Else Used Guava Leaves?

    Hello everybody ok so I decided to get some guava leaves for my amazon biotope(got them from the garden and no we don't use ferts or pesticides) and I was wondering, does anybody else use them? Im gonna make a bronze corydoras biotope along with glowlight tetras. I have read a few good reviews...
  13. DerpPH

    My Current Tarantulas :d

    ok so now I currently own 2 tarantulas   My Brachypelma albospilosum which is 3 inches and just molted yesterday     and My Orphnaecus sp Bohol whitefang which is just over 2 inches leg span   and heres the Orph in threat display where you can see why I named it white fanged, my friend...
  14. DerpPH

    My 7.5 Gallon Planted Tank

    Hi all. I am back! I may have gone away from the forum for awhile but I never quit fishkeeping.   Here is my tank that has established for 3 months.   what do you guys think?
  15. DerpPH

    Anyone Want To See The List Of Philippine Fish Species?

    I have recently went to this site and I saw the list of all known fish species in our country.   I am proud to see some of the fish in the trade are from our country and we have native rasboras!!!!
  16. DerpPH

    Video Ram Biotope

    Action in my orinoco biotope,  Stock: 3 ramirezi cihlids     hope you like it! :D adding a few more fish soon
  17. DerpPH

    Which Schooling Fish For My Tank?

    So I have a 23 gallon orinoco blackwater pool biotope with 3 Mikrogeophagus ramirezi   My question is which is a better schooling fish?   I have 5 choices   Lemon tetra Neon tetra Rummy nose tetra Black neon tetra Silvertip tetra   Any recommendations or reasons are welcome
  18. DerpPH

    Is A Topfilter Box Ok For A Nano Reef?

    Hello guys! I would like to ask a few questions   !. would a topfilter be ok for a nano reef? Im going to use a mini powerhead to pump the water to my filterbox   2. Would DIY LED lighting be ok? I have seen pretty cheap LEDs used for motorcycles. Would the violet ones be ok for a nano reef?  ...
  19. DerpPH

    Loricariid Id Game

    Rules:   Guess the name of the loricariid, it can be from ottos to plecos and the like   the one who guessed it right first gets to post a pic and let the others Identify it   either a choice of L-number(if any), scientific name or both     Heres one to start it off:   number and name please  
  20. DerpPH

    Thinkin Of Buying These Guys

    I just saw these guys in a breeders house yesterday.     Thinkin of buying them along with a 44 gallon?