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  1. Jeremy c

    Filter hack 101

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. If you don't know this already here is a big money saver for you. Go to your local super store and buy a roll of 100 percent polyester with no may cost you 6 to 10 us dollars. It replaces your floss In Your filter. You can even fold it to...
  2. Jeremy c

    Disease in hybrids.

    I'm gonna be honest here. I love all fish but we have a problem in the hybrid world. I have 3 tanks in my house a 120, a 75 and a 50 salt. I have 10 year old plus hybrids in my freshwater. I have lately seen 1 to 5 yr old hybrid fish coming up with hole in the head and other diseases. I...
  3. Jeremy c

    My 120 so far . Things qill change

    My recent 120 gallon has a red tail giant , a Bala shark , 1 bristlenose, a lace cat, Which is big and hiding and 6 black tetra. The red tail will move to a bigger tank within a year or so. But this is my larger set up at the time being . BtW lace cats and bristlenose don't get along .
  4. Jeremy c

    Flavobacterium columnare ?

    I bought a kirin parrot in september of 2020. He died in February of 2021. This was one of my favorite fish. One day I noticed he did not eat. I thought it was a little odd since he always acts like he is starving. The fish looked visually fine. The next day he wouldnt eat and something...
  5. Jeremy c

    Male or female

    it's still young any thoughts for this red tail
  6. Jeremy c

    Frankenstein the hybrid parrot.

    I have had Frankenstein for a while now. He is probably around 5 to 10 years old. Just this past month he is becoming a pain with his agression. I think it's due to another parrot challenging him. I had to remove a pleco a few days ago because Frankenstein would attack non stop and...