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    molly report

    First, i've nearly always had mollies. Of course, when you start, they have one of the best ratio price/colors/toughness. But for me, it's also the excellent ratio energy/non-agressiveness. I have a bit of a crush on dalmatians, here's my experience on them. Apart from those i just bought, the...
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    Ahoy, godlike aquatic life lovers

    I've had a 25 galons for about 24 years, with the usual suspects: mollies, platies, tetras (mostly neons and black phantoms), corydoras and guppies. But also some gouramis, barbs, a labeo, glass catfishes and a fiddler crab. Right now, it's mostly platies and two corydoras. For almost a year...
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    Who's next in my new 55 gallons?

    So i just started a 55 gallons. I've done the cycle. A bit faster with the help of my other 2 tanks but my water is good. I've just added a few days ago my 2 remaining mollies (a silver male and a red dalmatian female) from the 25 gallons and bought 5 more (2 dalmatians (1 male, 1 female) and 3...