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  1. Koenator

    Pregnant Mollie Won’t Give Birth

    My orange sailfin is very pregnant, ballooned up and swims slow. She has been looking ready to pop for 4-5 days now but every morning I expect to see fry she is still the same :/ Any ways to induce pregnancy or help her along? Or should I just keep waiting it out?
  2. Koenator

    Did I sex my dwarf gourami correctly?

    Hi all, I have been trying to get my gourami to breed for about a week now. I followed all instructions I saw online: Keep male separate until female gourami claims the territory and knows hiding spots, Put floating objects in the surface of the water, keep temps at around 80 degrees F or a...
  3. Koenator

    Why does my Dwarf Gourami look like this?

    It’s almost like the skin is being sucked around his organs, his head is even slightly caved in. What’s going on? Sorry if photos aren’t great.
  4. Koenator

    Mollie breeding question

    I recently acquired a male and female molly. My 10 gal will be empty and ready for new fish this week once I rehome my tiger barb, and it has been established for some time now. Should I remove my mollies from the 30 gal community tank and put them in the 10 to encourage breeding? I know the...
  5. Koenator

    How do i rehome my Tiger Barb?

    Bit of background: I have 2 tanks, one is a 30 gallon community tank and one is a 10 gallon with just my barb in it. I cannot house my barb in the community because he is very aggressive, but cramping him into this 10 gallon is no good especially since he doesn’t have any other fish living in...
  6. Koenator

    Is my Alernanthera dying?

    I am not sure, but it seems like the leaves are yellowing a bit since I received the plants in the mail. If so how do I stop them from dying? EDIT: The undersides of all leaves are bright red, it’s just the tops that are yellowish.
  7. Koenator

    Did I plant everything right?

    Hi, I just started my first ever planted tank. It’s a 30gal, I got everything including tank, filter, LED hood, 100w heater and gravel on the side of the road for free. The only things I have bought so far are the fish which I owned previously in another established tank, and the sand. I say...
  8. Koenator

    What kind of moss is this?

    I recently acquired some moss from a local creek I visited. I put it in a small jar to wait for all the parasites to die out (probably for too long, the discoloration hopefully doesn’t mean it will die soon), and everything i saw in the jar has died so I took the moss out and washed it...
  9. Koenator

    Introductory post for Koenator

    Hi guys here is my introductory post, My name is Koen, I’ve been keeping fish for about 10 years but never got serious about it until the last 2. I have a newly set up 30 gallon with a school of guppies, mollies and platies, and a 10 gallon well established tank with just a single tiger barb...