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    My reef at 1y6m

    Hey guys, i pop in time to time to do some posts, check out new pics, answer some questions and update my pics. So its about that time again. Well i started with this: And it has slowely evovled these last 18months into this, enjoy!
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    More 29g reef pics

    Just took some more pics i would like to share. Side view: Pink Pocc: Walt Smith frag: My fav, Oregon blue tort:
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    Pairing up clowns - pics inside

    I have had my occ. clown for over a year now. She was my first fish and never fails to give me some sort of laugh. The behavior of these fish is just great. Anyway, i have been wanting a black misbarred clown for some time, but had no luck finding one. Last weekend on my escapade to pick up an...
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    Oregon blue tort!!

    Finally got my oregon tort this past weekend and just thought i'd share a few pics of it with ya'll. Very small amount of polyp extension thus far, but has decent color for how small it is!
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    29gal reef pics

    I have documented all the work i did on this tank over in the DIY forum so check that out. Pics!! Tank finished for now. I'll add more rock when i'm sure the fish i plan to get won't be a problem My new Royal Gramma
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    29gal external overflow DIY - lots of pics!!

    Well i got the bug and want a larger reef tank. My 10 gal nano has been great, but i'd like a little more room. So, since i had a 29 gal laying around i thought i'd do some moding, transfer everything into it and see how it goes. For this tank i wanted no equipment in the tank. Keeping it simple...
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    My 10 gal nano

    Hi guys, haven't been to the site in awhile. Thought i'd update with some pics of my nano. Enjoy!!
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    More pics of my nano - dialup beware

    Sorry if some of these pics are blury, still trying to master this pic taking :/ Here are the pics: Hydnophora Green/yellow acro encrusted and still coloring up. Saved this guy from a local reefer who just wasn't caring for it correctly Zoos - here comes the blury pics!! :(...
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    Before and after using selcon

    So i have been using selcon for my perc clown in my SW nano to aid in nutrition and decided to give it a shot for my FW fish. Most noticably, my male GT has brightened up tremendously. He is almost flourescent now. Take a look Before: After:
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    Have you tried this?

    Hey all, just curious if anyone does or has done this. I have been soaking food (frozen brine, frozen mysis, krill, flake, pellet) in Selcon for my SW fish, a true percula clown and yellow watchman goby to help give them the nutrients they need. I recently started doing this with the food for my...
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    Frogspawn - new!!

    Hey all, just thought i'd share a couple pics of my brand new frogspawn. This has been my favorite coral ever since I started looking into reefkeeping. Well i finally got a tiny 2 head frag for $9. It was in a pretty deep tank with low lighting and i think that is the reason for the pink/purple...
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    New nano shots

    Here are some recent pics of my nano's progression. 5 months now.
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    My sad day

    Well due to some unfortunate circumstances (stupid people crashing into my car - 2 wrecks in 2 weeks), and dumping money into a new car I have to put my larger tank on hold :( This means i had to reduce the number of fish in my 55 due to some fighting over territories. I had to take my female JD...
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    Just a heads up

    Just wanted to make sure that people remember to do a FW dip or Lugol's solution dip before adding things to your tank. I added some calupera lastnight without doing so and in my haste introduced a not-so-nice little predatory snail. Killed 2 astreas overnight. Luckily I caught it in the act and...
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    Shots of my pico reef

    Here are a couple pics of my pico reef i have going. It is one of the Deco-art aquavase tanks. Comes with light and filter and on sale at petco for 19.99!!! Anyway, inhabitants are a single green zoo, 1 astrea snail, and 2 blue-legged hermits. I mod'd the light by cutting down the stem about 3"...
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    My crazy cat

    An empty soda box provides hours of fun, for both us and the cat!!! :lol:
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    Few pics from my 55

    Was messing with the camera and tried for some macro shots i thought i'd share. Enjoy
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    its been awhile so here are some pics

    Hi all, I haven't posted in awhile cuz i don't have the internet at home anymore. But since i have it here at work i thought i'd waste some time and post some pics!!!! These guys are in my 55 gal and have moved with me 3 times, once 70 miles, and twice 500 miles each way. I have never had any...
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    need some suggestions

    Yes another question because info is really scarce on this fella. Well i've moved my 5" deppii and 3" pink con to my 29 gal tank. It contains a 3" blue gourami and 6 Pristilla tetra at about 1" apiece and 3 small otos that may get eatin by the deppii. My question is do you think this can be a...
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    hey smb

    As you know i have the kribs in my 29 gal and was trying to introduce my small con. Well today i was sitting at the comp and looked over to the tank and saw something that looked like debris around the male. When i looked closer it was 3 wriglers. I don't see any others. It took them maybe 7...