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  1. bayaan.bawab


    hey y'all! ok i'm going to florida for a week tomorrow (wednesday) and coming back next thursday. the problem is i normally clean my tank on sundays. i have a 5 gallon tank with one betta a few moss balls and a plant that has the roots in the water and the leaves outside the tank. so i last...
  2. bayaan.bawab

    White Algae After Water Change

    hey guys today I did a water change 50% of my 5 gallon tank. I simply scooped out some water and then added new fresh conditioned water in. normally when I clean my tank or do a water change the water gets cloudy and goes away in like a day or two. however today something hew happened, there is...
  3. bayaan.bawab

    Fin Biting? aggravated Betta Fish?

    Hey guys, uhhhh so I kinda have an emergency, When I went to feed my betta this morning I noticed something blue in his mouth he dropped it when he came to eat but I think it might have been his tail. He was fine in the morning but now he is getting mad at me, i dont know why he's flaring at me...
  4. bayaan.bawab

    White particles in my fishtank?? NEED ADVICE

    hey guys! today i did a 50 percent water change and was chilling when i noticed there are some weird white particles floating around in the water. my betta doesn't seem to mind as they are very small but i'm a little concerned. any idea what they are if they are harmful or how to get rid of...
  5. bayaan.bawab

    Betta Fish and Tap Water???

    hi guys, its 1 am where i live and my fishtank was making a loud water sound (it always makes that sound when it's low on water) so i unconciously added tap water without conditioner now to be honest the water where i live is very clean and my mom gets it tested annually so i know there is not...
  6. bayaan.bawab

    I forgot my conditioner

    hi everyone, i’m fairly new to the fish hobby and today was the first time i did a 50% water change without any help from my fellow fish keepers. because the bucket was really heavy i decided to take two trips to the bathtub and back. however, i realize that because of this i only added...