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    Hozelock filter lamp change

    Do I need to get the filter above the level of the pond to stop water siphoning out once I remove the lamp housing? Going to change the lamp on mine and want to make sure I don't empty the pond over the garden .
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    Seachem Matrix

    Does this come conditioned with bacteria ? Just seen a you tube video where it suggests it's supplied set and ready to go.
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    Oase biomaster filter

    Can any one tell me if they come with the rubber suction clips to hold the pipe/tubing in place on the inlet and outlets ? Ta
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    Carbon filters

    Does the carbon absorb fertisliser ? Im dosing liquid fert everyday now as Ive added some new plants and wondered if I should take it out. Does it have any affect on dechlorinators when I do water changes too ? Ta.
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    Swapping media over - filter floss

    New filter came today so will be taking the internal filter out and swapping media into the new cannister. I'm sure I've seen somewhere that bacteria doesn't exist in the floss so no point putting this in ?? Can anyone confirm this Thanks
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    Removing an internal filter.

    My tank, Juwel Lido 120, has an internal filter and heater housed in a plastic case in one corner. It's held in place by blobs of silicon. I'm considering trying to remove it and change to an external filter which I can house in the cabinet below. Just wondering how successful this unlikely to...
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    Stocking ideas, 125l Juwel Lido.

    After an unfortunate incident , I'll be looking to partially restock my tank. Currently have 3 neon rasbora ( possibly add another 3), 1 peppered Cory ( would add some more ) and 6 sparkling Guorami. Would like to add a dwarf cichlid, was thinking Bolivian ram. Any other suggestions to what...
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    Test strips

    Can anyone recommend some quick test strips ? I've got the wet kit from ntl labs but want to keep an eye on my parameters a few.times
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    Biological media problem

    Hi , have a Juwel lido 120 and recently decided to some more biological media after seeing a filterpro you tube video. Bought some biogravel with the intention of adding a further 1000g of the media into the bottom filter housing ( in fact only got 2 x 300g portions in , added over two.weeks)...
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    Have been keeping fish for around 10 years, current set (new tank) is a Juwel lido 120. Having a few issues and will post in a more relevant thread.