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  1. Floridapierce78

    Albino strawberry Cichlids...

    I have an A.S.C. (albino strawberry cichlid ). His name is twitch because, well, he twitches. My wife brought it home not realizing what it was. She told me she looked up the water parameters amd they were kinda close to our electric blue Acaras. But she didn't read enough. He has been in a new...
  2. Floridapierce78

    Oscar fight 2!

    Ok. So, I live my Oscar's too much. I know. The other day I posted about my Oscars fighting and people told me it looked like mating behavior. How can you tell the difference? This has been going on for days. I think maybe they are a breeding pair. But the female isn't ready to lay eggs yet. My...
  3. Floridapierce78

    Oscar fight!

    Well, I used to think I had the 2 sweetest Oscar's in the world. The loved on each other and they were always together. Today. That came to a screeching halt. I had to intervene. Amd eventually I built a divider to keep them separated. Any clues what happened? It's a 125 gal tank and they get...
  4. Floridapierce78


    I aquaired these 4 silver dollars a dew days ago. They were fine the first day or so and then yesterday a lightning bolt showed up on one and the fish died a dew hours later. Now another one has gotten thenlightning.bolt please help. I will include pics.
  5. Floridapierce78

    Oscar Lovin'

    I'm writing this thread because everyone my entire life has told me that Oscar's are very intelligent, cunning, hyper aggressive and Need a tank to thierselves and never put two together. Well, I got Ragnar, my first Oscar, ( a Tiger Oscar) back in March. I had him in a 10 gal tank while I...
  6. Floridapierce78

    Worm! And something else!

    Ok. I am new to the hobby and I jumped in head first. But I am learning. I had an issue with worms in my other tanks and yes, thanks to helpful folks on the forum I eradicated the problem by not over feeding. Now, a new problem. I have worms ( of all types) I. A tank with no fish. Brand...
  7. Floridapierce78

    What in heck is in my FX4!

    OK. I just cleaned my Fluval FX4.. everything was good. Found a bunch of snails. But when I kicked it back on. It shot outback of this snowy stuff! What the heck! Can someone fill me in. I'll post pic. Honestly they look like Brine shrimp. But not.
  8. Floridapierce78

    Tank cleaning

    I thought I had cleaned my 36gal bowfront well but I was wrong. I have switched it over to a planted aquarium since I lost the Fancy's. I m using floral plant substrate with a little gravel on top. I planted the seeds about 2 weeks ago and I believe it's ready for water. However I would like to...
  9. Floridapierce78

    Tank confusion, anybody got answers?

    Hello, I am new to the hobby and new to Fish Forums, I'm so happy I found this media platform. My wife and I have spent endless hours googling and researching questions and trying to decipher between the good info and the bad info. After killing 11 fish in 48 hrs. Then another 6 in the next 2...
  10. Floridapierce78

    Oscar tank! Set up and suggestions

    My 2 Oscars are 6 months old and roughly 8 inches already. Ragnar and Lagatha. I believe they are gonna be huge. I have them in a 125 long with 3 silver dollars. ( Going get 3 more) and a pleco. I just got into the hobby in January. And would like some suggestions. I running an FX4 and a fluval...
  11. Floridapierce78

    Electric blue Acaras. Male protecting the fry?

    Can someone please help. For about a week everything was fine and the mom and dad shared taking care of the the name is constantly changing the female away from the fry. What is going on? What do I need to do?
  12. Floridapierce78

    Worms? What to do?

    Ok. I have 4 tanks, a 10, 36, 60, and a 125 I have only been in the hobby since Feb but I already have tank-itis. ( the fever). Anyway myb2 larger tanks have got the little white specks all over the glass and if you look closely. They move!! OMG! PUKE. I will post a picture if anyone can help...
  13. Floridapierce78

    Too much, or just right?

    I have 2 oscars that teamed up, (Ragnar and Lagatha) 5 silver dollars, 2 electric blue acara and a pleco in a 120 gallon with a fluval FX4. Am I overstocked? Can anyone please share wisdom with me? The 2 oscars are in my 60 gallon with the pleco for now while I out the silver dollars in the q20...