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    Cleaning hospital tank

    Hi folks, my hospital tank is empty after euthanizing with clove oil, and everything in the tank smells of clove and there’s a sticky film on the bottom of the tank. I now see why the instructions were to euthanize in a separate container. I guess I have two questions: 1) how do you normally...
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    Who is this pleco?

    We got this pleco at a big box pet store, and are unsure of its species. Can you-all play the ID game with him/her? I am realizing the different species have different dietary and habitat needs, and want to make sure we are providing for them. Thank you! We loved seeing all the awesome...
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    Advice on water temperature for community tank?

    Hi folks, I have a 37 gal tank (waterfall filter, bubble wall, sand/plant substrate bottom, rock and plants) that has 3 bronze corys, one pleco, and assorted guppies (2 adult, 2 juv, 6 baby). Guppies like warmer water, corys cooler water, but the ranges do overlap. Does anyone have advice on the...
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    Whirling guppy

    Hi folks, one of that batch of guppies in rough shape has started having spasms of tumbling/whirling. For the last few weeks, his tail has been drooping, and now he intermittently somersaults or goes into a tumbling dive. He seems disoriented for a bit after each attack. He has been eating well...
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    Guppy fry and short trip

    Hi folks, I have two 1/2” guppy fry in a separate tank, and we are leaving town for 48 hours today. Will they be ok without food for that long? Would they be better off in the community tank? Stocking is 3 guppies, 3 corys, 1 plecostomus. All purchased about a month ago, so not very big. So...
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    Part of guppy head missing?

    Is this viral, parasitic, or damage from other fish?
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    Guppies in distress

    We had 7 guppies two days ago; we lost two yesterday and now two more are on the bottom of the tank. One had white stringy poop last night. I dosed the tank last night with the first of 4 days of antibiotics b/c one of the deceased guppies had fin rot. What should I do for the guppies? Tank...
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    New family to fish, new FW community tank

    Hello, we are a small family that has started trying to keep fish over the last few months. We currently have 3 Cory catfish of a muted grey (green or bronze, maybe?), five assorted guppies, and one plecostomus of undetermined species. 37 gallon tank, heater (79-80), plant media substrate, live...