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    Dragged Back Into The Hobby

    Well, I was out of the hobby for a bit. I gave away my last betta in February, and I thought I was out. I had been up to 10 bettas and got overwhelmed by the water changes I had to do every week. Well, I now work at Walmart while I search for something better, and today I was passing by the pets...
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    How To Help My Betta?

    Hey, So, I was moving Bob into a new tank just now and I think it went wrong. Moved him, floated him for 30 mins (water temp was 1 degree different) added some new rank water (.25 cup he was in about 2.5 - 3 cups) waited 10 and released. He sunk immediately, and he started breathing heavy as can...
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    Rock Wall For Tank

    Hey, I'm I need someone to make a rock wall for my tank. Dimensions would need to be 7in tall, by 7.5in long by 3-4in wide. I need an empty area 2.5in long by 2.5in wide in the middle/back, I can draw a diagram if ya need. I need it ASAP. Thanks!
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    Sick Betta

    Tank size: 1.5g pH: (forgot to test before adding BettaRevive) ammonia:(forgot to test before adding BettaRevive) nitrite:(forgot to test before adding BettaRevive) nitrate:(forgot to test before adding BettaRevive) kH:(forgot to test before adding BettaRevive) gH:(forgot to test before...
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    10 Gallon Stockin Plan

    The only things in it are two mystery snails. I'd love to have a dwarf gourami. Could I put one in? What else could I put with it?
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    10 Gallon Tank

    I'm preparing to restart my 10 gallon. It's cycled and houses two mystery snails. What would you put in the tank? It's got sand, and is kept at about 78degrees. If this was your tank, what would go in it?
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    Possible Genetic Defect?

    So, my male has a pinched mouth. Kinda like sunken cheeks. Been that way since I got him. For lack of a brtter compatison its like someone put a rubber band around his mouth. Not a rounded mouth but very pinched in mouth that can make it hard for him to eat. Is this a genetic defect? I can post...
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    Breeding Male Critiques

    I'm looking at a few possible male bettas as breeders so, I was wondering if you could critique some of the males i like! Video Betta 1: Video Betta 2 & 3: Video Betta 4 & 5: click for videos
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    Not Another Stocking Thread....

    So, I have a 10 gallon tank. Currently houses only 3 female bettas and two mystery snails who I believe to be apple. Has a Tetra Whisper filter designed for 10-15 gallon tanks. The females are quite peaceful, and I quite like rosey red minnows, and I was wondering if that'd be compatible? Here's...
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    Betta Companions

    In my 10 gallon tank, I have 3 females (no fighting issues), & 2 mystery snails. Can I add 6 rosey red minnows? I have hard water. Any problems with this? Water temps or temperament issues?
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    Looking For A Breeding Pair

    So, I'm going to start looking around for a breeding bettas. A male and female. What should I look for in the male? Female? Should I do halfmoon or crowntail? My local fish store generally gets in some good bettas so I'll pick from theirs - and take my time with it. I decided not to use my...
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    Could Kick Myself!

    Last week, I got a new plant. I ran it under the tap for a few seconds. Like a quick rinse if anything. Today, I scooped some water out so I could isolate a snail I had, and I was checking it out with a flashlight and saw something moving in the water. Imagine a baby snail. Imagine the size of...
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    I saw a beautiful lil female at the store today and I was thinking of picking her up. I forget though, how many rays is what tail type? She's got 2 rays so, veiltail?
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    What In The World?

    So, we came in to work today, and there is a jelly like substance in the tank. The only two things in the tank are a veitail betta and a nerite snail. I'm new to Nerite snails, so, I have no idea about much of their care. Both are new to the tank. Tank is cycled, only thing we can think of is an...
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    Lets Play A Game!

    A bunch of snails came in on some plants and im trying to establish what they are! I have one that I think may be a trumpet snail. Most of the others have like a big air bubble in their shells. They're young. I've had them in a tank and been raising them. I'll post pics in like 30 minutes or...
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    Adf & Fish

    So, I had two African Dwarf Frogs left on my porch. One looked sick, so they're being housed with a friend until thursday who is a big frog person and has many ADF. Anyways, I have one betta in a 2.5 gallon tank and a 1.5 gallon tank en route. I'm thinking the betta should go in the 1.5 and the...
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    R.i.p. Artemis

    Some of you may remember, a while back, I rescued a female betta. You guys helped me vote on a fitting name for her, Artemis - or Aphrodite occasionally. She was named after the goddess of maidens and the hunt. Ever since I got her, we've been battling a bad case of both ich and fin rot. She was...
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    Adfs With Female Bettas?

    I have 3 peaceful female bettas and I received 2 ADF in a 1.5 gallon tank. I'd like to move them to my female tank. It's 10 gallons and only has the bettas and 2 snails. Yay or nay?
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    African Dwarf Frogs?

    Would it be safe/okay to put any African dwarf frogs in my female betta community tank? I have 3 female bettas & 2 apple snails. It's a 10 gallon tank and the girls are small - the mystery snails are the biggest thing in the tank Also, I was told I can keep 1-2 in a 1 gallon hexagon so long as...
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    Betta For The Office!

    So, we're getting a Betta for the office. We want to do a zen theme. Ideas? We need ideas for decoration & substrAte. Also, QUIET filters and heaters for 2.5 gallon tanks