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    What algae are these please and how do I remove them?

    What algae are these please and how do I remove them? Photo 1 and 2: This reddish, velvety looking one is growing on my heater, filter/pump pipe, wood and plants. Photo 3: This bluey green one is in-between the glass and the sand.
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    Can anyone I.D this worm please?

    Just found this worm in the substrate of my shrimp tank. It is a yellowy colour and approx 40mm long. Does anyone know what it is please?
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    Algae eater suggestions for 260L tank

    Any suggestions which algae eaters I could add to my 260L (UK) tank please? The tank is mature, well planted, has wood and pleco caves and sand substrate. Must be compatible to live with.... Cardinal tetras Marbled hatchet fish Black schultzei corydoras Giant fan shrimp Amano shrimp Red cherry...
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    Argos play sand

    I bought some Argos play sand, as I saw it recommended on the forum. I've opened a bag, to wash it ready for my new tank but I was surprised as it's a dark colour, for some reason I was expecting a light coloured sand 🙈 I'm worried that it won't look right in my tank. If anyone has this...
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    Aquarium background

    I need to get an aquarium background for my new tank - just something that sticks on the outside. What has everyone got? I'm looking for inspiration. This is my current tank: Sorry if the photo isn't very good Which has a similar background to this..... I don't know whether to get the same...
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    Upgrading to a new tank and closing down the old tank

    I'm upgrading to a 260L tank and closing down my 180L tank. I've not done this before so I'm a bit stuck on the best way to do it. Do I add the old tank water into the new tank or set it up with clean water? Do I run both the new and old filters in the new tank for a while? Or just add old...
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    Stocking a 260L aquarium

    I'm upgrading from 180L to 260L but would like some inspiration what to stock it with please. I currently have in my 180L: 4 x Atya gabonensis (Various sizes)(Vampire shrimp/Giant fan shrimp/Armoured shrimp) 5 x Amano shrimp Numerous Red cherry shrimp 2 x Sunset platy (1 adult, 1 young) 7 x...
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    Fluval Vicenza 260 aquarium

    I'm seriously considering upgrading my Juwel Vision 180 aquarium to a Fluval Vicenza 260 aquarium. Does anybody own one? Would you recommend it?
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    Bristlenose pleco tank size

    What size tank does a Bristlenose pleco need please? I have a 180L community tank and would like to get them but was unsure how many I would be able to get.
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    Maintaining stable water conditions in small aquariums

    How do you all manage to maintain stable water conditions in your small aquariums? I find it easy to maintain on my 180L aquarium but my small aquarium is proving harder. I know people do say it's easier in larger aquariums.
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    I'm a total newbie to live plant care. I'm looking for recommendations for feed/fertiliser (don't know what I need) to keep my Java ferns, Anubias and Moss balls healthy please? Needs to be invertebrate safe please. Also how often does it need to be used?
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    Atya gabonensis

    Would there be enough food in a mature aquarium for Atya gabonensis to filter/feed off or is it best to supplement their diet? If so, what can you use?
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    Why has my Plec died?

    * warning contains a photo of a dead fish! Sorry for the long post: I had a Betta in my community aquarium but a lot of people recommended they should live in a aquarium of their own, so I set up a small aquarium to move him into. I filled the small aquarium with water out of my mature...
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    Aquascaping tools

    Can anyone recommend a decent set of aquascaping tools please? I'm in the UK. Been looking at various ones on Amazon, Ebay etc but reviews say they are only a cheap stainless steel and have rusted.
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    Platy id

    Does anyone know what type of Platy these are please? Sorry if the photo is bit blurry
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    Snail id

    Some of these have hitchhiked on my new live plants. Are they Lymnaeids?
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    Betta id

    Does anyone know what type of Betta I have? Sorry if the photo isn't great, he moves so quickly.
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    Betta in community aquarium

    I enquired at my LFS about adding a male Betta into my community aquarium. They said male Betta's can be housed with fish such as Neon tetras, Cardinal tetras, Endlers (but not guppies), Harlequin rasboras, Celestrial/Galaxy danios, Platies, Mollies etc but they could not be housed with fish...
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    Do you recommend medicating an aquarium each time new fish are added, as a precaution?
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    Live plants

    I'm looking to add more live plants to my aquarium. It's 180L (UK) and I currently have 2 x Java Ferns and 1 x Anubias Consensus. I'm looking for recommendations of easy to look after/hardy plants of varying sizes and which area of the tank is best to plant them in eg back, middle or front. I...