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  1. Morganna

    Substrate cleanup

    I don't know what size tank this is for, because my method doesn't work on bigger tanks. But, what I do for my 10 gallon is I use a turkey baster, it has enough suction to get things off the surface of the sand, but can be used to "deep clean" the sand too if you want. The down side is that...
  2. Morganna

    Fungus on Driftwood

    The tank is nasty with algae growth, I know! 😄
  3. Morganna

    Fungus on Driftwood

    Hey y'all! I know that most of the time, growth on the wood isn't harmful, but I want to be safe than sorry. So, I would love it if y'all would just confirm it isn't toxic or something. It's maple wood from a dead branch that fell from my tree, and I boiled for only a few hours just to kinda...
  4. Morganna

    Peacock gudgeon photos

    How do you tell Captain Nemo apart from all his siblings?
  5. Morganna

    Peacock gudgeon photos

    They all have such big tummies!!!
  6. Morganna

    Community tank and 1 guppy - what fish to add?

    For centerpiece, if they matched your water params, I've heard good things about pearl gouramis and bolivian rams. For schooling fish, I'm going to agree with @AdoraBelle Dearheart. I guess if you wanted you could always stock up on more kuhli loaches, I hear they are more active and...
  7. Morganna

    Keeping the low profile in an aquascaping tank.

    I've seen some video use a nice clear plastic equipment to make it look less noticeable, at the very least more pleasing to the eye. Other than that, I'd have to agree @Byron with using the scaping it self to try and hide it.
  8. Morganna

    Sorry for not responding till now, forget to ever look at my own profile. Thanks!

    Sorry for not responding till now, forget to ever look at my own profile. Thanks!
  9. Morganna


    Hello!! That username is awesome!
  10. Morganna

    Attempted pics of psuedomugli luminatus/red neon rainbow fish

    There are a couple of videos on YT that talk about breeding these fish. Maybe you could find inspiration there.
  11. Morganna

    Peacock gudgeon photos

    How much longer till they are ready, Rocky? Asking because my 10 gal is still uninhabited, and I would like to get something in there.
  12. Morganna

    Aloha from Hawaii.

    Greetings! Lots of other Betta lovers here too!
  13. Morganna

    No Electricity Eco Shrimp Tank

    Hi! I know it's been a while since you last posted on this thread, but I'm curious, how is the tank doing?
  14. Morganna

    Spider eating large dragonfly!

    Did you watch a certain Wild Kratts episode to learn this or somewhere else?
  15. Morganna

    Stocking ideas

    Maybe think about the different kinds of fish you want, and go from there. Like do you want a bottom dweller or algae eaters? Do you want schooling fish? Do you even want fish, instead thinking about invertebrates? Just some thoughts to help some ideas get going. -Morganna
  16. Morganna

    What's killing my honey gourami?

    Hi! Sorry to butt in, but I have a question about the apistos, because I'm interested in them, but have no experience with them. Are they aggressive to the other fish during breeding? I get worried that they'd stress my other fish out by trying to protect their fry.
  17. Morganna

    Spider eating large dragonfly!

    Oh goodness, if I ever find one of those on my porch, I'd faint....
  18. Morganna

    Fish Food

    If the OP doesn't mind, can I butt in and ask where everyone buys their fish food? Also, what do y'all think about Repashy Gel foods?
  19. Morganna

    Please share your photography!

    Haha, no worries! I'm only scared of them when they are physically in front of me! Was just joking. They were good photos. Okay, but I shudder at the thought of ever calling them "furry eight legged puppies". Like, ughhhhh.....
  20. Morganna

    Please share your photography!

    I love the doggie pic at the bottom! The photos are well done Maisy! But a little warning about the tarantula would have been nice, there might be arachnophobes here on this forum...