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    decided to breed bettas, turned out to be successful (mostly)

    ok so i bought bettas, theyre both 6 months old and they are both conditioned sooo why not? I put them on a breeding tank and followed a tutorial on youtube that most breeders near me seems to have most success from and i followed everything except for one thing. waiting while they are both...
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    How do i relieve my stressed bettas

    my bettas seem to be stressed about the sponge filters, when i turn off the air pump however they seem to be calm. Its theyre second day here and im wondering if im doing something wrong
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    i have bactera in a bottle here and i put it in my aquarium which i will put fish in 5 days but when i was searching if the stuff works ive been reading stuff saying the bacteria dies off after 1 week hence why they put in the instructions "dose after 7 days" is this true? i mostly see this in...
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    how do i convince my parents to get me a betta pair instead of platies and guppies

    i have 2 5 gallon aquariums that can fit a betta pair better than platies and guppies, unfortunately my parents will just say that i wont take proper care of it etc etc EDIT: forgot to say, i want to own a betta pair because i will breed them and sell the babies bacause bettas are more...