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    What type of aquarist stays in the hobby the longest?

    I'd like to think the longest fish keepers are those who realize the success of keeping fish alive. I'm sure we've all been there, where we got a tank cus it was a good idea at the time. And maybe some people gave up rather quickly cuz the fish kept dying. But then some people kept at it and...
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    Which is the better filter for 10 and 20 Gallon tanks?

    Without mention a brand I would go with a HOB that has the impeller inside the tank. they are a wee bit more expensive but are great. having lpent loads of money on various HOBs.
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    I have baby somethings....

    Congrats you are obviously doing something right if you have babies. Why not just wait a few more weeks and see how they grow up?
  4. D your thoughts here...

    So I was just wondering, the pandemic probably has allowed lots of people to re-discover or pickup new hobbies such as fish keeping. For me it was diving deeper into my fish keeping and exploring the world of FB and fish keeping groups. Now that the pandemic is in a new phase which I consider...
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    Should I get a jaguar cichlid to replace my dead oscar

    Just wondering how big was the Oscar that died and why do you want a replacement? Seems like your current occupants are cool enough. I have 100 gal tank, recently two large cichlids died: a Jack Dempsey and a Severum, both lived almost 1o years. The tank is a bit empty looking without them the...
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    Late to the discussion like many people, my regret buying fish, are two common plecos. They were small but eventually grew up. Both out grew their original tanks. Pan just wore out his welcome, it was a great fish never aggressive but constantly digging around. I actually liked him but he...
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    Fish that should not be sold.

    Interesting question for thought, but alas there's no simple a perfect world people would not be buying pets unless they were really educated about the care, feeding the ramifications of a pet be it a fish, bird or even cat or dog eh?.
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    a common Pleco...but now I don't want to get rid of it...LOL
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    Worst Advice ever.... go!

    Interesting comments....I guess the best advice I give is to become a knowledgeable consumer. After all a store has to make sale to stay in business how they do that just depends on the store. I'm lucky enuf to have a small LFS whose owner is in the store all the time and gives dependable...
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    Worst Advice ever.... go!

    Well the follow-up questions is how long did those 6 bala's last
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    Defining Success ?

    Yup, ain't amazing what a brew or two Guinness can do for ones. mental stability ...LOL...
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    Defining Success ?

    Just a late afternoon over a beer thought question? As you keep fish do you have a concrete measurement of Success? Me? here's what I think about: 1. Do I just sit and enjoy looking at my tanks. 2. Have I finally stopped having to go to my LFS and replace fish. 3. Are the fish that I bought...
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    Swordtail fry

    Congrats on your brood, that's a great sign of success in keeping fish.
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    What’s your worst nightmare regarding your fish/pets?

    Like many it's being away from home for a length of time and not being around react to an emergency - leaking tank....
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    Trying to figure out how I can legally own an axolotl

    Interesting any pet keeping hobby there are restrictions to what one can keep. As hobbyist we have to remember the big adult word called, responsibility. Just because we want something doesn't mean we should have it. Be it; a safety issue, think poisonous pets, or probably more...
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    What in the world did my danios created?

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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    Congrats on your betta, do you have a recent pic of the tank?
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    Pictus Catfish okay with Vampire Shrimp?

    How big is your pictus cat? One thing that some people forget about when keeping fish, is the the "Eat or be Eaten" fact of nature. Yes one can mitigate eat or be eaten, if one has plenty of hiding places, etc....but still....I hope you have plenty of places for your shrimp to hide. and good...
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    Will this stocking work for a 450 gallon tank ?

    Congratulations on your 450 gal tank.... I guess the better questions might be what can't you keep in a tank that large. If all the fish were roughly the same size at the start and there were PLENTY of hiding places you would see them at the start but as the fish age and grow in size few may go...
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    Constructive criticism?

    So what's the issue? Seems to me you got a big tank with lots of small fish, From the pic it seems the tank is taken care...if the water parameters are good what the big deal all looks fine. Are you looking for stocking ideas?