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    Mollies ill

    Hiya I've got to mollies onr black and one orange and black The black one has in the water very grey/green belly The orange and black one is covered in white spots but it's not like any white spot I've ever seen wasnt sure if it was ich or something else Thanks for the help
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    Mollg pregnancy

    Any idea how long till she goves birth
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    Pregnant mollies??

    Unsure how to tell when mollies are pregnant, can anyone help??
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    Guppy pregnant

    Not sure if my guppy is pregnant or not shes been pretty big for weeks and doesnt seem to be dropping Jo
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    Bristlenose pleco

    Wonder if anyone could helo I've got two bristlenose plecos and one of there stomachs is a little black, ive googled it and not much help so far so thought would ask people with more experience