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    Defining Success ?

    Just a late afternoon over a beer thought question? As you keep fish do you have a concrete measurement of Success? Me? here's what I think about: 1. Do I just sit and enjoy looking at my tanks. 2. Have I finally stopped having to go to my LFS and replace fish. 3. Are the fish that I bought...
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    Pre-Post 29

    Good Day All, I joined TFF back in October cuz of a 55 gal failure and a subsequent move to a 100 g. and needed to get caught up in fishkeeping after a somewhat long absence. This AM I thought I'd share a pre-post image of a 29 gal tank that was part of the 55 g cascade of events. Here's the...
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    Seasons Greetings

    To all TFF members ...a wish for a safe Holiday and here's to a better 2021....
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    Fish keeping ethics - species

    So there was post about Gars...far be it for me to rain on someone's pet keeping wants and needs. But I wonder about the ethics of keeping large predatory pets at home...yes I know if one is wealthy enough one can have a literal private zoo of exotics.... In terms of fish keeping it's pretty...
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    40 G Bow restart

    CV/SIP allows many, time to do things...among my aquarium "do things" was relocation of fish. My first tank upon re-entry into fish keeping was a 40 Bowfront. It went through various occupants. The last few years it contained a dempsey, pleco, t-barb, salvini and syndontis cat. Ultimately I...
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    MY 55 gal rebuild

    I had a center bar failure, after a repair I converted the tank into an aquarium/terrarium combo. Following discovery of Paludariums I gave thought to whole hogging it and going that route....but common sense dictated a simpler approach as a first try. A good thing too, as I soon became a...
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    SA Francisco Bay Area Stores- carrying aquatic plants.

    Does anybody have any experience with stores carrying floating aquatic plants. I'm specifically looking for water lettuce or water hyaclythins, and yes I know of Caesars in Santa Rosa but looking more for something in San Mateo/Santa Clara /Alameda counties.
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    Perigen - Regeneration?

    Just wondering if anybody had regenerated their Seachem Perigen packs? I'm a bit confused about freshwater buffering after the bleach soak? is the buffering needed? if so do I now need to buy the SeaChem buffering stuff? I happen to have some used Perigen pack and thought I would regenerate...
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    100 gal tank pre-post more or less

    Greetings All, I joined TFF cuz I was in need of good advice having decided to move up to a 100 gal thank after a failure of a 55. I suspect like many, such a move lead to a cascade of consequences all of which were fine and "enlightening". One of which was the "discovery "of many fine and...
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    A bit of fun...Fish Nerds

    First I'm gonna use the term Fish Nerd as an endearment.... In every hobby there are those with a great amount of passion and I love meeting those people....but how do you know when you've joined the ranks of the passionate? here's a tongue in cheek know you're a fish Nerd when...
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    Counting Bacteria - wouldn't it be nice....

    So we are all about bio cycling, having enough good bacteria to take care of our ammonia/nito cycle... We all go through lots of work and expense: bio balls, bio rings, bio wheels, bacteria starters via the bottle...etc...and the only way we know it things are working is via test strips/ water...
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    Cycling tanks and cycle starters

    Hello All, Well I finally got my CV DIY 55 gal repurpose project ready for water. I doing something different to get it cycled and would appreciate any observations/comments. First I divided my tank into a 18 gal aquarium /terrarium. I am using a powered internal hanging sponge filter. Tank...
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    Horseface Loaches

    In my rearrangement of living quarters for my various fish...I moved a 6 inch horse face loach to my 100 gal tank. I haven't seen him for over a week now I know that he dived deep in the substrate, 2 -3 inches of black diamond sand. I wondering if anybody have seen their Horseface loaches...
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    Clean hoods - foggy glass

    Has anybody na idea on how to clean glass aquarium hoods. I have two hoods from my 55 gal tank and over the years the glass portion has developed a cloudiness to them. I've scrub them, used CLR, on them, and when wet they are clear, but after they dry there a cloudiness to them that I can...
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    What Got ya Started in the hobby?

    What a great forum, so much knowledge and help. But I'm curious as what got ya all into the hobby? And as a new member I'll start, just to get the discussion rolling? 4th grade at Cabrillo ES, my teacher, Ms Barnum had simple 20 gal saltwater tanks with a few anemones and crabs. Everyone in...
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    Canister filtering and media layers?

    Good Morning, I have a Cascade 1500 filter it came with my 100 g. I was wondering what media do others use and in what order? From top down the unit currently has: sponge, sponge, sponge w/charcoal pack., sponge w/charcoal pack. The tank is not planted, current occupants: Dempsey, Salvini...
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    Activated Charcoal/Zeolite Clarification please

    Apologies for the dumb question but I'm a bit baffled...for time immemorial I always thought filters, HOB etc should have a activated charcoal and filter floss. After all many of us buy those prepackaged cartridges. Now it seems that may not be the thing to do since some articles point to...
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    Bristlenose and Rubber lips plecos in a 29 gal

    I currently have a 2.5 inch Rubberlip pleco and was wondering if I can add a small similar sized Bristlenose pleco in a 29 gal?
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    Hole in Head Disease

    My Salnini Cichlid has a hole in head disease, he's now in quarantine tank that I treating with API Melafix,. Other than moving to a new tank with better water quality is there anything else I can treat him with.?
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    Under Gravel vs Hang On Sponge filters

    Hello - I was wonder if anybody has compared UG filters vs Hang on Sponge filters...I'm looking to convert a 55 gal to a half tank and terrarium and looking for options for the aquarium portion. The tank portion would only be about 13 gals.