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    Very sick Betta. Bacteria? Fungal?

    I have a betta that had been in a 5 gal cycled tank his tail fin started to look ragged-aquarium salt and water changes didn’t change his tail condition, he was still eating, swimming. I used Fungus Cure. I had cycled a 10 gal tank over about 1-2 mths. Tested water frequently and did partial...
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    HELP Velvet on my Betta.

    Hello. My poor betta! He is in a 5 gal tank. I use bottled spring water (I have well water). The pH 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0. He has been in the same tank with same silk plants for about 3 mths. I have worked diligently to cycle his tank- I think I finally achieved bacteria...
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    Purified or distilled water with minerals added

    Hi everyone. I have a well with a whole house water softener. I use jugs of store bought spring water for my 5 gal betta tank. The problem is that the store doesn’t always carry the same brand I use and even with the same brand the pH and hardness can vary. I would like to know if using...
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    Rescued Betta

    I rescued a betta about a week ago. My son found him in a dirty fishbowl, sitting on the sidewalk outside an apartment bldg. (where my son works)… it’s winter time where live. Somehow the fish survived. I’ve had fish tanks (yrs ago) so not completely new but totally new to Bettas. My guy has...