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    WoW - Dolphin Surfers !

    Those pics were probably shot at Jefferys bay (J-bay) south africa. Its a world class surf spot and famous for the dolphins. ste :)
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    I would think you would be talking more than £170 to convert the tank. how big is the tank and what do you already have? ste :)
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    Hang-on Skimmer Question

    I'd have to say the deltec MCE600 or even better, the aquamedic turbofloter 1000SL. ste :)
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    Self Built Saltwater Tank

    a 24" deep tank is fine. Are you planning on keeping corals as well as fish or just fish? if you want to go for corals, then 4 T5s or a metal halide would be fine either 150, 250 or 400watt. If you go down the T5 or 150watt halide route, then you would be best avoiding hi light corals near the...
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    Deep tank?

    I personally would not go for a 3' deep tank if its only going to be 18" front to back. You will have difficulty reaching the bottom. you will pay more for the tank as the glass would need to be 15mm thick, and it could be hard to aquascape. I'm not saying it would be impossable but you could...
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    my anemone split is that normal?

    They can do it from time to time, just Asexual reproduction like fragging a coral, or like a cucumber splitting into two. sometimes one may die off but if all goes ok, then you should be left with two nice anemonys. ste :)
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    Are you planning on coming to warrington? don't know anywhere in chester that sells it? ste :)
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    So confused about lights!

    the K (kelvin) rating is the colour temperature of the lamp. 6500 is a very yellow light where as 20000k is a more blue light 10k is more of a white colour. ste :)
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    29gal reef pics

    Looking good mate, love the red brain. How do you find those new rio seo pumps? compared to say a maxijet 1200?? ste :)
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    Changing Salt

    yep, you can just change straight over. The only thing I would say is keep an eye on your water chemestry as different brands have different amounts of magnesium, calcium, iodine, strontium etc etc etc..... you may have to add/stop adding some of these. ste :)
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    Salt water feeders

    You could try river shrimp or black mollys, both should survive in saltwater. once, he's eating again, it may be a good idea to get him onto dead foods, such as frozen fish. ste :)
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    *911 Help w/ Condy/Umbrella Mushroom!!!!

    how long has the tank been running? and whats the water quality like. It could be stress related. You could try placing it in a crevice and apply firm pressure but not too much that it damages it. turn then pumps off for a few mins and it may have a better chance. ste :)
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    Acrylic vs Glass...which is stronger

    Acrylic is stronger but also softer so is easyer to scratch than glass. I think its the same as plexiglass but I'm not 100% sure. ste :)
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    Freshwater Sump

    I have sumps on all but one of my freshwater tanks. couldn't live with out them. If you build them your self, there cheaper and more effective that any canister filter. ste :)
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    Aiptasia experiment

    peppermint shrimps and copperbands seem to be the two best "natural" cures for aptasia, although you do get ones that just won't touch them. ste :)
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    RO unit set up pics??

    Firstly I see where your coming from there, you will still need the booster pump. Now to all the comments about the waste: I didn't say it was better than normal tapwater, hence use for less demanding fish such as hardy tropical fish/general pond fish. I still don't see why it would smell...
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    Aiptasia experiment

    ehh, not really. If you try to pull them out or bust them you'll have hundreds of the things. better to inject them with one of the many aptasia killers such as kalk, boiling water, joes juice elimi-aptias and so on. ste :)
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    RO unit set up pics??

    You can but all the components from RO man but you may get a better deal, by getting a 3 stage RO and a seperate membrane. If you email them, check that using 2 membranes will work as I never got round to doing it in the end but I can't see why not. If you explain to them what you want to do...
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    RO unit set up pics??

    for the good RO, I use Kent RO right powder althouhg I think they do a liquid now. The waste of an RO will be free of sediment and chlorine/cloramine as the sediment and carbon remove those. all you would have is slightly higher nitrate phosphate etc ie, if you have a nitrate reading of say 16...
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    RO unit set up pics??

    It may be cheaper to use two membranes. I've considered this in the past. if its only for freshwater, then you could have a sediment, carbon and then "t"ed into two membranes. This should increase the output. As to the waste, I use it for my tropical tanks and pond so if you have other tanks...