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  1. J

    Pregnant guppy

    Would it be too stressful to remove a pregnant guppy from my tank and rehouse in an empty tank with just water? I understand many babies could be lost as guppy and other fish will eat them, but I have a store that will rehome survivors - should I let nature take its course or separate mother...
  2. J

    Aggressive Rasbora

    My mother has a tank with 8 Scissortail Rasbora. For two months they have been fine, but one in particular has turned super aggressive and keeps attacking the other Rasbora. Last week she lost a Rasbora due to a vicious attack, but we are unclear if this was the aggressive Rasbora or another...
  3. J

    Female danio glowlight - aggressive?

    Does anyone keep danio glowlight with guppy fish? Are female danio glowlight known to nip at fins and tails, particularly guppy? I have been asked to house two but not sure if they will bother my guppy.
  4. J

    Can any suggest a fish species for my tank mates

    Can anyone suggest one species of fish you would add to: 6 Purple tetra 6 Neon tetra 4 Columbian tetra 2 Pearl Danio 1 Guppy (he is happy alone and seems to attack other guppies)
  5. J

    Fish training

    After joining here I learned my tank was too small for my young tetra when they get bigger - and I upgraded tank and transferred fish. In my old tank, if I lifted the lid the tetra would immediately come for feeding. In my new tank, if I lift the lid they do nothing and if i put food in it...
  6. J

    Automated fish feeders

    As I live in a rural area in the middle of nowhere it is virtually impossible to arrange fish feeder/sitter when I go on vacation. Has anyone used any type of automated system? I understand there are things that take time to dissolve in water and something that works on a timer. Are these any...
  7. J

    Can you upgrade tank without re-cycling?

    It appears my tank is not best suited to my tetra shoal, particularly when they grow bigger - and I can't add more fish in future on this basis. I've got equipment and just need bigger glass. As I understand, if I use my existing filter, water, and substrate, technically it should be fine, but...
  8. J

    Danio and Purple Emperor Tetra

    I am ready to add more fish to my tank, which currently houses 6 purple emperor tetra and a male guppy best kept alone due to aggression towards other guppy - he is happy alone with my tetra and has been adopted as one of their own. I do not want multiple fish species in my tank and decided...
  9. J

    Beneficial bacteria

    When I started my tank 2 months ago I added bottled bacteria product and have used it regularly when doing changes. However, I read and see videos from fishkeepers who claim these products are a waste of money and probably don't work - and say it's best to let bacteria develop slowly and...
  10. J

    Guppy on his own - is it ok?

    As a new person to hobby I am still building up my tank and currently have 6 purple emperor tetra + 1 male guppy. I have read online it's best to keep guppy in numbers, but can they be kept alone in the right environment? My guppy was rehoused in my tank due to an emergency - originally he was...
  11. J

    Is my guppy sick?

    I am new to fishkeeping and started with guppy and tetra. My tank is 2 months old and the fish are generally happy and social. Water parameters are fine and the water has also been tested independently. One of my guppy fish is displaying strange behaviour and I can't figure it out. Each evening...