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  1. mmarx339

    My new 125 gal setup

    Stock: Rainbows 12 Clown barbs 4 Golden bee goby 1 Siamese algae eaters 5 Gold laser cory cats 6 Red laser tettra 6 Blue gularis killifish 2 Black ghost knife fish 1 Short fin lemon blue eye pleco 2 Long fin lemon blue eye pleco 2 Blue phantom pleco 1 Spotted congo puffer fish 1 Stripped...
  2. mmarx339

    New fishy, congo spotted puffer

    New fishy, spotted congo puffer in the 55
  3. mmarx339

    Rare Species Pics :p

    Incase nobody has ever seen these before. I just took some pictures of a couple species of mine Mary River Rainbow Teewah Creek Rainbow Red Sailfin Sand sifter Red Laser Tetra
  4. mmarx339

    Okay 55 gallon all finished (at least until an idea strikes me)

    Went with black background to make bright fish colors and plants pop more also here is a pic of my fiancée’s “ghost” tank we have black sand 5 albino cory cats and a male moontail betta that is black/grey/white (ghostly)
  5. mmarx339

    Minus background first 55 gal biotope style setup

    Here it is imagine a black background to make it all pop
  6. mmarx339

    Rainbow fish curved back

    Okay so to start. I had a 20 gallon tank that had 1 beta 2 cory cats and 1 turquoise rainbow fish. The tank sat that way from January ish to about a couple weeks ago. I then added 2 dwarf rainbows 2 boesemani rainbows and 2 more female betas. Everything seemed fine then I eventually noticed that...