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    Fish in Sumba Island, Indonesia

    Hi. I didn't even remember that I had an account here, as I've fallen out of the fishkeeping hobby. My reason for posting now is that I'm currently on Sumba Island in Indonesia, and have been doing a lot of swimming with goggles which means that I get to see fish. I'd like to identify the fish...
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    Garra Rufa

    Would Garra rufa be suited to a tank which is usually unheated, but would have a 'don't get to single figures' heater in it?
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    Niwaëlla Delicata

    What a very interesting and nice looking fish. I presume that it wouldn't be suitable for aquariums in the UK as it would be potentially invasive.  
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    Uk Native Aquarium Plants

    Which native UK plants work well in an aquarium, and where can I obtain them? (Taking them out of wild environments risks bringing other organisms with them).   I remember in NZ there was an attempt to popularise the use of native aquatic plants to reduce the chance of escapes. I'm pretty sure I...
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    Coldwater Fish For Small Unheated Tank

    Hi all.   I have an empty tank that I'd like to put a few coldwater fish in. However, I only have a small 160 litre tank, so can't keep the obvious goldfish. Not only is it only 160l, but it's also a narrow tall tank, only 30cm deep. I don't like the idea of fish that are too far from natural...