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    140g center brace down!

    Any tank builders here? I've got a 6' long with ~20" water depth made from what looks like 3/8" (probably 9mm) thick glass. The center brace silicone failed and the tank bowed out enough for it to fall in. It was a DIY or local build of some sort. Back when I bought it I had been researching...
  2. J

    Vacation, how long without feeding? Cardinal Tetras, small fish

    Will cardinals make it 2 weeks without feeding? The tank is planted and has Ramshorn snails but no other food sources. Strictly, $ wise, either they will be OK or I will just sell them off. I know bigger fish are fine with 2 weeks but what about small tetras and the like?
  3. J

    Simple Refugium

    In my desire to keep daphnia and hornwort in the same water as goldfish I came up with this idea and it's called a refugium apparently. You might have everything you need to set one up already. All you need is a container, a light source, some airline, a air stone and a pump running in you tank...
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    Tips for Cardinal Tetras

    I have been keeping cardinal tetras for maybe 4 years now and think I have finally figured at least one thing that may help out some others. My Cardinals have always been very skittish and sorta seemed stressed. They would eat, but sometimes lose there appetite for a day or two and they would...
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    Twin Fin Guppy.

    I thought some of you might find this interesting, I recently found a guppy in my tank that was sporting a tail that looked like it had been eaten right down the middle by fungus. Causing the fish to have 2 round fins at the back. The thing is, fungus was not the cause he was just born that...
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    Many Sudden Issues

    HI there, This is my first ever post here, and I'm here because I no longer think my tank mates are at their best. Where do I even start........Fluorite... that's when it started. I recently decided my fish tank was sort of dull and I wanted some plants to make it more natural and offer...