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    Antler crab

    I got one of these a week or two ago. This is the first time I'v seen him since he went in so I thought I'd get a pic before I lost him again. He's like a hermit crab but has a piece of fire coral on his back instead of a shell.
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    new fish house pics

    Just a few pics 1/4 redtail cat
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    New reef Aquarium.

    At last I'v nearly got everything for my new reef. Just waiting to finish the cabinet and for a few spair parts for some of the equipment. specs (pictures to follow) main aquarium - 48"x30"x26" Sump - 36"x18"x18" equipment: Deltec ap600 skimmer Delted fr509 for rowaphos Deltec fr509 for...
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    the sump. the size of the hole needed to be drilled through the base will depend on how many litres per hour (LPH) you want to put through it. For an 85 gallon tank, I'd recamend pleanty of flow going through the sump so maybe 6500- 7000LPH. you could use a couple of eheim 1262's or ocean...
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    bichirs, cats, etc

    finally got some pics of my bichirs. endlicheri
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    Just got my new 1000L tank. Part has been cleaned and still a little bit of work to be done but nearly done. here's some pics. I'll update them as I set it up. should be all done in a week or two. ste :) Sump filter
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    Teacup Stingray

    Common name/s: Teacup ray Scientific name: potamotrygon laticeps Family: Potamotrygonidae Origin: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. Maximum size:around 10-12" in captivity but larger in the wild. Care: As with all rays, this is a sensative fish that needs a mature tank of at least 6...
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    updated pics

    clown knife
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    Electric catfish

    Common name: Electric catfish Scientific name: Malapterurus electricus Family: Malapteruridae Origin: throughout Central Africa Maximum size: up to 39" but usually no larger than 12" Care: This is not a very active cat so dosn't need as much space as some of the other cats such as pims...
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    Clown Knife Fish

    Common name: Clown knife fish, featherback, featherfin Scientific name: Chitala chitala, Notopterus chitala Family: Notopteridae Origin: South east asia Maximum size: 40" reported but 24" is more common. Care: Clown knives will require a tank of 6'x3'x2' when fully grown. They are not...
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    Tiger shovelnose catfish

    Common name: Tiger shovelnose catfish Scientific name: Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Family: Pimelodidae Origin: Amazon, common in the fast flowing rapids. Maximum size: Usually about 3' in captivity, larger in the wild. Care: Provide this fish with a large 10'x4'x3' tank and a large filter...
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    Red-tailed catfish (amazonian)

    Common name(s): Redtailed catfish, Amazonian redtailed catfish. Scientific name: Phractocephalus hemiliopterus Family: Pimelodidae Origin: Parts of the amazon including deeper waters through to the flooded forest in the rainy season. Maximum size: Difficult to say the max size of these fish...
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    finally got my new camera working

    look here some are not very good and 2 went through photoshop (guess which :whistle: ) ste :lol:
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    how do you all keep your tank cool in the summer months? especialy the people in the US or other countries who have really hot summers? some of you may have chillers but any good DIY methods? I don't realy want to modify a beer cooler and I'v read about running pies underground? does anyone else...
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    ID please

    Just got this cat today and the shop had it labled as a spotted gulper catfish. I cand find it in any books, so I was just wondering if anyone knows what its latin name is or any other info would be great. thanks in advance. ste
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    these are quite new here in the UK but I think they have been out in the US for a while longer. just wondering what you think of them. here, its a love it of hate it thing. some people think there great, some think there crap. just wondering what everyone thinks? there web site ste :)
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    take a look at this tank. if you are on broadband, there is a video at the botom of the page-awsome. Look Here ste :wub: :rolleyes:
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    as a couple of you may know, I'v been on holiday for the last week. I went to centreparks in the lake district. sailing has always been one of my favourite water sports and I used to race twice a week but due to not having enough time I had to give it up for the time being. heres a few pics from...
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    new fish

    new polypterus ornatapinnis. not a good pic but he hides a lot so It's the best i can get at the moment. ste :)