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    Can Pygmy cory’s breed while in tank with Platys?

    Hello I have 6 Pygmy cory’s in a tank with 7 platy. Will they eventually breed even with other species of fish? It is a 65L tank and I do regular water changes and the Pygmy seem to be well feed. I would say it’s a well planted tank. All of the articles I’ve read about Pygmy breeding...
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    Need help wit DIY marina fish filter

    Hey guys So I bought a Marina 110 filter for my 65 litre tank. I watched a YouTube video showing how you can take out the carbon cartridge and bio pad and refill the space with your own filter media. So I’ve done this with a layer of course sponge, a layer of aqua one aquarium filter wool pad...
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    Help! No idea what is wrong with Platy fish

    I have had my female platy Dora for about 3 months now. She was all good at first but over the last few weeks I’ve noticed her top fin looking weird, almost like it was going transparent. I’ve also noticed she’s very skinny (she’s a sunset so maybe just the type?) compared to my other females...