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  1. Bdoggy

    Feeding my apisto.

    I just bought an apisto cacatuoidi male. He's not full grown. Probably 1.5"... The only thing I can get him to eat so far, are frozen blood worms. I also tried freeze dried mysis shrimp and bug bite flakes. He mouthed the shrimp and spit it out... What do you guys feed your apisto's? Thanks,
  2. Bdoggy

    Water softeners?

    My Sister lives in an area with very hard water 357 mg/l for gh is what the city report says.. she however has a water softener in her house.. she didn't even realize but she has been using the filtered water for her tanks. Just a 5 and 10 gallon with snails and a betta... I guess my question...
  3. Bdoggy

    Fluval bio-stratum and a new tank

    I'm wondering if the aqua soil is causing my cycling issues with my new tank... I've used some gravel, rocks and plants from my cycled tank. I also used filter media from the filter of another cycled tank... I am still doing daily water changes due to high nitrite. The nitrate levels are also...
  4. Bdoggy

    Eating my plants

    I set up a 10g for my female endler guppies. I put some baby cryp. Green. They are nipping at the leaves nonstop. I was trying to give them some cover to hide in, and especially for the fry when they start making babies.. what plants wont they eat?.. Thanks. B.
  5. Bdoggy


    I set up a 10 gallon for my endlers to make babies in. Right now I only have girls in the tank... A couple of them look like they might already be pregnant?... Whatchu guys think. Thanks.
  6. Bdoggy

    What the heck is that?!

    This guy hasn't been eating for a few days.. I noticed he has something growing on his chin... Like a little white beard.... Gah!!
  7. Bdoggy

    What type of plant is this and how should it be placed?.

    These stem plants I got from the LFS... I do not know the name of the plant or how to place it... The guy said to just stick them in the gravel. They don't have roots, but they do shoot out white tendrils that may be for anchoring to objects in the water.. I just want to know what they are and...
  8. Bdoggy

    Mountain cloud minnows..?

    I picked up some white cloud minnows yesterday. They seemed fine yesterday and were schooling with my endlers... This morning the minnow males seemed a bit feisty. Chasing everyone around. There are 2 males and 3 females. With 4 male endlers. However they seem to have calmed down and hanging out...
  9. Bdoggy

    What I picked up today.

    I took back the fish that I couldn't have today and picked up a few new ones... Are they live bearers or guppies though?.. I'm not sure, the tank said endler fish... Oh and I got a cloud stream loach too.... What are these though?.
  10. Bdoggy

    My killifish are getting frisky

    Some may know... My tank is in the middle of an "in fish cycle"... However today was the first day that my nitrites tested 0 in the AM.... So these killifish that I've been told are too big for my tank..... Immediately start going at it today... The male is probably only 1.75" long and the...
  11. Bdoggy

    My water and what fish I can keep.

    So right from the tap I'm looking at a ph of 8.0, carbonate of 300 and GH of 75-100... Those first two are basically at the top of the chart for their category. The GH however is in an acceptable range.... What does this mean for what types of fish I can keep. We still talking only cichlids and...
  12. Bdoggy

    Decorative issues.

    I'm horrible at decorating. When I did my water change today, I tried to rearrange some stuff. In an attempt to make it look better. It just looks like a complete mess now and I'm not sure how to fix it lol.... I have a bunch of small rocks a few mediums. Before I kind of made a bridge in the...
  13. Bdoggy

    Python vs cheaper brand gravel vacuum.

    I saw this enomol Gravel Vacuum on Amazon. It comes with a 30ft hose and is only $35. The Python vacuums seem to go for a bit more. Is there any real difference in these products?. Thanks. B.
  14. Bdoggy

    Feeling much better...

    Whew... Ok for those who read my welcome thread, you know that I messed up and started a "fish in cycle". I have an under gravel filter... My fish have been stressed out for the past week .. Even with daily water changes, 50% per day. I was pretty certain that most of the fish would die. The...
  15. Bdoggy

    Hi, I'm new and of course have questions

    Hi, My name is Bernie. I live in northern California. I recently moved and can now own an aquarium. So I went out and bought a 35 gallon cube. 22"x22"... I set it up with gravel and some live plants/rocks. I only let it run for 3-4 days. Which I'm finding out was a bit of a mistake. I have 2...