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  1. Egmel

    Plumbing A Cannister Into A Drilled Aquarium

    Agreed, we're getting the tank builders to drill it for us. That's a useful tip, I'd been wondering what was the best way to connect them and that seems to make sense. Ah, yes sorry, I borrowed the picture from elsewhere, the 2 ehiems will be running with their usual complement of mechanical...
  2. Egmel

    Plumbing A Cannister Into A Drilled Aquarium

    Wow, sorry I was away for so long, work called, seems you've been having a productive discussion without me. I actually agree with both of you in parts and value what you both have to say. Ainsy, I'm afraid he's right about the closed system bit, water is non-compressible using the pressures...
  3. Egmel

    Plumbing A Cannister Into A Drilled Aquarium

    It is going to use a cannister filter, it's just where the plumbing enters the tank that will be different. I had intended to set it up with the height of the inflow and outflow of the filter in the same place as my more economical (standard) plumbing! We were going to have the drain above the...
  4. Egmel

    Plumbing A Cannister Into A Drilled Aquarium

    OK, we're helping my future Brother-in-Law design, build and install his tropical tank (as a birthday prezzie). He's got a brilliant space beside his chimney over a DIY built in cupboard. It's not that deep (front to back) so the plan is to put all the equipment underneath and go in through...
  5. Egmel

    Hi All

    Can't guarantee it'll make them less likely to hide but they would probably appreciate being in a larger group. Saying that, a 20l tank is quite small for that many fish so probably best to stick with what you've got for now. It depends on the fish, I would expect the guppies and tetras to...
  6. Egmel

    Water Change Temperature And Bacteria

    First off, that tank is looking lovely. Ok, so this may have been an error in your readings or you did have nitrites which got converted to nitrates and then used by your plants. Are you using the liquid or the strip test kit? If you're pre-treating your water with dechlorinator then this is...
  7. Egmel

    Hi All

    Possibly best to stick with the fake ones then if you're happy with them. Sounds good, the reason you're keeping the feeding down is to reduce the waste, most fish don't need to be fed everyday (try explaining that to my betta though, he makes it very apparent when he thinks it's feeding time!)...
  8. Egmel

    Hi All

    Excellent, seems like you've found a good shop then - cycling refers to the nitrogen cycle: I was told this was understandable last time I explained it so I'll copy and paste it here... fish does wee = ammonia (bad), special bacteria in filter convert ammonia to nitrite (also bad), more...
  9. Egmel

    I can indeed, I've been thinking I ought to clean my smaller external for a while and this would...

    I can indeed, I've been thinking I ought to clean my smaller external for a while and this would be the perfect excuse. I tend to offer used filter wool, it's not pretty but it does the job. Ideally you want to put it in before you get the fish, you can test it with ammonia if you've got a...
  10. Egmel

    Hi Kerri, I should be able to help you with mature media but I can't seem to send you a PM to...

    Hi Kerri, I should be able to help you with mature media but I can't seem to send you a PM to arrange details. Message me with what you need and when and we'll see what can be arranged. Cheers Helen
  11. Egmel

    Pm Message Directing You To Adult Site

    Thanks guys for getting this sorted so efficiently. I was fully expecting another mature-media donation request, got here and couldn't see my messages, got a bit confused, then popped into this section and saw the heading. Now I understand and once I've posted this I should get my inbox back...
  12. Egmel


    I've never really agreed with the no links to competing forums rule but I think that's a choice for the site owner to make and since we're playing with his ball we play by his rules. UKaps is a forum with a focus on aquatic plants, more often than not, if a query comes up that seriously outside...
  13. Egmel


    If the pet shop had any marketing sense they would apologise profusely for the mistake and offer either to take it back or donate her some of the basic equipment/food required to keep it if that's what she decides to do.
  14. Egmel

    Wanted - Apple Snails (not Golden)

    I have some blue and ivory, currently about 1/2 cm. I also have spixi but those do nibble on plants. PM me if you want any and I'll pop them in the post. Might need to wait a bit though until the weather isn't quite so cold!
  15. Egmel

    Cherry Shrimp

    I too have recently had more shrimp from Shazz, as usual they were great quality and happy little critters now jetting around my tank :) BTW Shazz, miss wiggle and I are on a mission to get all the buy/sell/swap posts to show their location in the title/subtitle. Any chance you could edit...
  16. Egmel


    Which one did you try and which type of snails did it not work on. When I needed to treat my guppies for parasites I used wormer plus, this also cleared my tank of Malaysian trumpet snails (thankfully I was forewarned so had removed a mini colony to a holding tank for the duration).
  17. Egmel


    Tank's too small for that solution, better to go with a chemical treatment and watch out for the ammonia spike when all the snails die off. What sort of snails are they, do they look like trumpets, long and thin or are they little round flat ones in a sort of danish pastry shape? If they're...
  18. Egmel

    Lighting For Plants

    The plants don't care that much about the type of light they just care about the quantity! After that the type of light is all about your personal preference. You can buy a standard bright white bulb in B&Q for ~£3 or you can pay ~£15 for an aquatic plant version. Most of the tests people...
  19. Egmel

    On A Lfs Mission

    Why is everyone suggesting selling mature media. Why not just hang a bags of gravel in their holding tanks, these can be made out of tights or something similar. When someone comes in to buy a tank or their first fish you give them a bag of gravel with it's complement of bacteria. It's cheap...
  20. Egmel

    Any Idea What Fish This Is?

    It's a Variegated lizardfish :)