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    Looking for anyone with a waterbox or IM tank

    I'm trying to decide between a rimless waterbox or innovation marine AIO 50 to 65 gal. Can anyone let me know if they have one and any issues with leaking after 3 years or positive remarks. I can only find reviews from 2013 to 2017. Most are negative. Red sea is too pricey and JBJ is at a stand...
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    jbj tank order canceled

    They can't fill my 65 jbj tank order. No date set to build more. So I'm back to square one, think lynnzer pointed me to the innovating marine, looks aweaome, but I wanted more height. I can do 38.20.20. Without modifying the cabinet. Anyone know who can do glass Aio. Or should I go acrylic? It...
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    Hi, new to a forum, should of did this years ago

    Hi, my names Mike and I've had aquariums for 30 years, 20 to 40 gal, store bought tanks, undergravel to HOB filters. I just started using a fluval 207 canister about 6 months ago. Moved into a new house and I need help. I want to up my game. I have 36.20.20 Inches to put a tank, I wanted acrylic...