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    our discus

    here's pics of our discus :wub: there settled in now and are out and about :D
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    have you ever had ?

    just wonderd if anyone else as been troubled with , well its like a fluresent green colour -_- sitting on the sand substrate at the front of the tank :( it looks like a shower of what i'd call paint powder, it does'nt look like any algea i've ever seen -_- we used the aqua vac and removed...
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    our tank

    our 6ft comunity tank :wub:
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    just could'nt resist putting up a pic of our new 7 week old german shepard puppy cassie :wub: oooooooo she's so cutsie :wub: we love her :rolleyes:
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    my dog

    i'll put a pic up of my new 10month german shepard in my pics which mark got for me she's a real cutie :wub:
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    fish game #5

    what am i . i come from south america :D
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    fish game #3

    ok right i am a bottom dweller, and i am i shy fish
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    blue fan shrimp

    i'm realy upset, as shrimpy my blue fan shrimp, is realy ill, :sad: had him just over twelve months now and he's shed his skin more or less every 4 months, it was only 2 weeks if that when he last shed, so when i noticed he was shedding again last night i was a bit concern'd any way i looked at...
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    Slt's Pictures

    this pic is just a test :D
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    dwarf cichilids

    i got 2 dwarf cichilids today, laetacara curviceps, been looking at cichilids for awhile now, but never got any as they all seemed to be agressive, and would not be sutable for my comunity tank,my lfs had these in the other day, he said they were a very peaceful cichilid, there around 1 inch...
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    just wonderd if any one kept these fish , i got 2 red spotted headstanderds today, the fs guy said they do best in pairs, but since putting them in my tank they've done nothing but attack each other, also he said they won't eat my plants ughhhh, well inbetween fighting thats just what there...
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    i am interested in co2, as i'm adding more and more plants in my tank, some of wich are quite expensive, and have haerd of all the advantages of using co2, now whilst in the fish store today, i decided to ask about what i would have to buy, the guy imidiatly rushed of and came back with the...
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    i have in my tank a giant blue fan shrimp, and just wonderd if any of you guys have one, :thumbs:
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    i've only got 2 fish out of cichilids angels i've looked at others but on all the tanks in the stores there are little notices saying can be agressive are there other spieces of cichilids that are't agressive,
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    i put a post up the other day about my cory getting trapped behind the filter, anyway the filter has since packed up all together it is a interept ipf 4 i had 2 in my 55g tank, the other is still working but not enough filteration for the tank, i managed to get a sponge filter from a friends...
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    filter cradle

    just wonderd if any one else has a internal filter wich sits in a craddle, yesterday morning i fed the fish and notticed one of my corys was'nt there i checked all through the tank could'nt see him, then i looked behind the filter cradle and there he was , at first i thought he was dead, he was...
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    hi danielwilkieuk

    hi there just noticed you, are you going to introduce yourself lol :lol:
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    apple snails

    got three apple snails today, they are really cute about half an inch babys. there shells were covered in algea so william, i got a tooth brush and gentely brushed it of. i read your post on cleaning them . also i got 2 tropical frogs they only grow to the size of a ten pence piece. they are...
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    washing up liquid

    while i have been on line today, my son put washing up liquid in my small tank that i've set up for applesnails, luckally there were none in the tank, i've emptied it out and rinsed every thing in loads of cold water, i put a new little sponge filter in the tank i've had this running in a bucket...
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    car boot

    just thought i'd tell you about my little bargain, i was looking round a car boot sale today and got a glass tank 16inch x 8inch x 8inch it's got plastic hood & air pump with it it only cost me £3 could'nt leave it there for that price, don't no what i'll use it for yet. typical it was only...