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    our discus

    and we have 1 Snakeskin Discus they are only babys so have not got there colours yet but saying that they are beginig to colour up :wub: :wub: :wub: are Snakeskin Discus :D
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    our discus

    we have 3 Blue Turquoise one of the BlueTurquoise:
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    our discus

    we have 5 Red Turquoise this is one of the Red Turquoise:
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    our discus

    look now i see the discus then :o i feel i need to post :lol: :lol: just a few more :wub:
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    our discus

    thanks stix :D and mrv :D the mts keep the sand open :D just could'nt resist showing this pic lol :lol: discus express :lol: :wub:
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    my critters

    awwwwwww :wub: they are so cute love them :rolleyes: :D
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    Pics of the new "Lemon Jake"

    lovely fish :thumbs: :D
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    My kitty

    aww she's lovely :wub: :rolleyes:
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    our discus

    Feline they are cardinal tetras we have 30 :rolleyes: and the plec you see is a clown plec :) :lol: they don't usually pose so readilly :lol: thanks KnuckleHead and Eelzor :D we had to replant the whole tank when we got the discus as most of the plants we had already in could not take the...
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    our discus

    thanks :) freshmike the tank is 72x18x18 :) thanks fish crazy :) we :wub: the discus :)
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    our discus

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    our discus

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    our discus

    here's pics of our discus :wub: there settled in now and are out and about :D
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    for me its got to be discus :wub: as we have recently got 9 discus :wub:
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    New pics of the 90

    wow that is one nice tank freshmike :wub: it great pics :D
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    Odin and Whisper

    awwwwwww he's gorgeous :wub:
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    Tuesday & Rabbie

    ah your little girl is real cutsie :wub: and a lovely bunny to :rolleyes: great pic wuvmybetta :)
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    my discus

    wow :rolleyes: they are beautiful :wub: and what great pics :D we have just started keepimg discus, have 6 baby turqs at the mo, :rolleyes:
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    Am I really new?....

    hiya dman :thumbs: remember me of that site :D i was goby's girl :rolleyes:
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    blue lobster

    i have succesfuly kept in the past a gaint blue fan shrimp (camaroon) :wub: i had him in with the fish for over a year he was never agressive and he was in a fully planted tank :rolleyes: he did'nt uproot them well maybe an odd one :huh: :lol: he was a large shrimp but was very placid...