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    What's involved with keeping tire track eel?

    I've heard a lot of people talk about tire track eels and they seem to be one of the popular freshwater eels. What is involved with filtration, feeding, water conditions, etc? Can I just use a wet/dry with the dio-wheel? What do I feed them? How long do they get? Can I keep one in a 20G or 25G...
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    Need help with gold gouramis!!!

    I have had 1 gold gourami in a 10G tank by himself for about a month because the second one died a couple of weeks after I bought them both. SO I bought another one today to put in with him and minutes afterward the current fish started beating up the new one. It was bad. Wouldn't let the new...
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    How often do I feed my comunity fish brine shrimp?

    I picked up some more tropical flake food today and bought some frozen brine shrimp because I like to give them some variety. How often should I give the shrimp too them? Once a week? Twice a week? Mostly just platies and danios and various tetras in the tanks. -Josh
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    Is it ok to put endlers and platies together?

    I'm sure it is but I've never put them together before so I wanted to make sure. I have a 20G that I've set up for all the fry and teenage endlers and platies that I'm getting. The platies and endlers are in two different tanks right now. Thanks. -Josh
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    What's a good fish...

    I have a 2-2.5G vase that I used a while back for a betta and it's been empty for quite a while and have some extra sand and an air pump and air stone and want to put something in it. It's about a foot and a half tall. Is there anything besides a betta that would do well without a heater and...
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    Set up new CO2 system today

    I got a Nutrafin CO2 system from my LFS a couple weeks ago cause I got a gift card to the store and I want to do a comparison of a store bought system and DIY system. I put the diffuser in the tank put the sugar, activator, something else I can't remember the name of, and water like the...
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    New plant questions

    First off, I bought a micro sword plant today. Is that just another type of sword plant or just another name that the pet store came up with? I bought one java fern. Do I just pick the little new ferns growing on the mature leaves to make new plants? I'm putting a new plants in a 10G tank...
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    Suggestions for my 10G

    Well I have a 10G tank that's been cycling for about a month now, I have a bio-wheel mini for filter a heater and 30 watts of light. I was setting this up for aplanted tank for a wild betta but have been thinking of going with something easier for now. What are you suggestions for fish. I was...
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    How do you catch fry???

    I have a 7G with a male/female pair that are about to have their second batch of fry since I got them about a month ago. I also have a platies in another tank that keep reproducing. I want to issolate the fry until they get big but can't figure out how to catch the damn things. Any ideas? -Josh
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    Aging water?

    I've heard a lot about aging the water before putting it in the tank for water changes but don't know the actual benefits. I started aging some water in an 18G storage container about 5 days ago. Anyone tell me how long to age it and what's so good about it? THanks. -Josh
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    Q's on eels?

    I've seen a few topics in magazines, forums, ect. about eels lately. What type of freshwater eels are there and how big of a tank do they need? Can they be kept in community tanks or do they need to be on their own? What do they eat? THanks. -Josh
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    Too much filtration?

    I have a 10G I'm trying to set up as soon as I can and don't have enough money for the filter until next month. I have a penguin 170 that's running on an 18G tank with nothing but gravel and water in it right now. I was going to put the penguin 125 on the 10G but would the 170 be too much...
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    Thinking about using blackwater extract

    I've seen a few arcticles here and there about using blackwater extract and have found that Kent has what seems to be the best product. ANy of you guys/girls have any experience? I have kinda hard water here and figured that with the angels and gouramis, ect that will be in a few of the tanks...
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    Which tank should I put angels in?

    I'm going to be setting up an 18G tall tank and a 25G long tank. I want to put angels in one of them with some other fish but was wondering if either one would be better than the other? Thanks. -Josh
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    Not sure what type of bulb I have.

    I bought a 7 gallon tank about two years ago for my first tank and it has one 14 watt flourecent light that makes the tank kind of a purpleish color. I'm wanting to put a few real plants in but not sure if it's a full spectrum light or not and "14 watt" is all it says on the bulb. Does this...
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    What wattage of heater?

    I have a 10G and can get an 8" 50 watt or 8" 100 watt for the same price on sale. Which is best? Does it matter? Thanks. -Josh
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    Too much/too little light?

    I am building hoods with lights for a regular 10G tank and a tall 18G tank. Both have the same dimentions (sp?) as far as length and width so I'll be able to build the same hood for both. My question is, for the 18G I was planning on using two 18" 15 watt full spectrum flourecent bulbs. Is that...
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    Where can I get bamboo plant

    I'm wanting to plant some bamboo plants in my tank but not sure where to look. Any good place that you know of? -Josh
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    Couple of ?'s

    First, do tropical fish like flightless fruitflies? I saw my lfs was selling little jars of them and they supposedly reproduce for a while. Figured it would be a good change in the fish diet every other day or so. Second, I'm setting up a 10 gallon planted tank and not sure weather to use the...
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    Question on light

    I am going to be setting up a 10 gallon that will be well planted and I was wondering if anyone uses those light bulbs that are narrow and long that screw in like regular household lights? If those work ok, what color(s) should I get to make the plants grow well? Thanks.