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    Water Quality Question

    Hi All,   Just a quick question, which i will state my actions before i post the actual question. Answer: I still carry out regular 30-50% changes on a weekly basis.   Now the question: Should we carry out weekly water changes even if the quality shows as very high?   I know this may be...
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    Gh Help Needed Please

    Hello,   I started a journal a few days ago about a new tank that I have started up. After spending several hours researching the fish I wanted to put in the tank (see below), I checked my water parameters.  The results came back:   pH  = 8.1 GH  = 21 KH  = 11   Electric yellow lab,      10-15°...
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    780 Litre Tank

    Good morning all,   So after a 2 day delay the tank is in!!!    Pics will follow, I am generally a fairly calm person but right now I am like a 6 year old at Christmas. Final decision is made the tank will be stocked with fish from lake Malawi.   I look forward to comments and criticism on how...
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    780 Liter Tank

    Hi All,   Late last night i decided to take the plunge and bought early Christmas present, a 780 liter tank  . Spent the better part of today in DIY store buying necessary bits for the base, concrete block and 1 inch desk for it to sit on. I bought varying thicknesses of polystyrene sheeting to...
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    New 3Rd Tank Any Advice Greatly Accepted

    Hi  there, I am in process of acquiring a 3rd tank. I have been thinking it through for quite some time and have decided I will go for a cichlid tank. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or perhaps even better great tank ideas that I could emulate please? For info:   New tank 200 liters...
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    Just A Quick Hellp

    Hi there,  New to TFF, been reading a lot of posts and journals and have to say everyone seems really very nice. Anyway Hi again hope to get to know some of you over the coming months.