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  1. Ingrid

    What is this white stuff ?

    I bought this wood a few weeks ago from a reputable supplier and now there is white stuffed growing on it . Should I be concerned and what is it ?:thanks:
  2. Ingrid

    Houseplants ?

    What is your must have houseplant ? Mine is Phalaenopsis ( the moth orchid)
  3. Ingrid

    Is my guppy ill and if so what should I do ?

    Is my guppy ill ? It has had this white stuff (see picture ) dangling from him for about 3 days . Our tank has readings of nitrite 0.5 , ammonia less than 0.02 , our ph is 6.8 and our tank temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. We do water changes twice a week . If it has an illness can you please...
  4. Ingrid

    Can I add bamboo to my tank?

    I was wondering if I could add bamboo to my tank and if I can what should I do to make it safe for my tank
  5. Ingrid

    What's your use for used aquarium water?

    I am wondering if any one has a use for used aquarium water as I am trying to save water. Sorry if this is in the forum . Thanks for any replies
  6. Ingrid

    What leaves are safe for shrimp ?

    What leaves are safe for shrimp and how should they be prepared for adding to a tank ?
  7. Ingrid

    Is my tank all right ?

    We have a 60 litre tank . In it we have 6 guppies, 5 platties , 2 dwarf neon rainbowfish and 3 cherry shrimps. it is well planted and has driftwood. Should we tanke any thing out or put something in or is it fully stock . Thanks for all answers
  8. Ingrid

    Betta and shrimps ?

    Can you keep red cherry shrimp and betta fish together?
  9. Ingrid

    Red cherry shrimps ?

    I have been given a 15 litres tank and have planted it densely with low growing plants . I am wondering is this suitable for red cherry shrimps and am wondering how many to keep in there . Care tips are also welcome
  10. Ingrid

    Plastic tub aquarium

    We have one aquarium and are thinking of getting another one . We could buy a normal aquarium but on the advice of another member who said you could use large clear containers with clear lid . I think this a great idea and so I am wondering is it possible and are there any different things I...
  11. Ingrid

    Do you use fertiliser on your plants ?

    Do you need to use or do you use fertiliser on your plants ?
  12. Ingrid

    Plastic or real plants

    Do you use plastic or real plants in your aquarium or both ?
  13. Ingrid

    Can you use them for anything ?

    Recently I have noticed out of town retail parks selling a few liters goldfish bowls without filters or anything else for a few pounds . So my question is are they suitable for keeping anything in and if so what ?
  14. Ingrid

    Plants that platties and guppies don't eat

    Are there any plants that guppies and platties can't eat or don't eat ? Any advice welcome
  15. Ingrid

    Cleaning ornaments

    How should one clean ornaments in a fish tank ?
  16. Ingrid

    Guppy advice

    Does anyone have advice that I need to know to keep guppies ?
  17. Ingrid

    Fish eating planting plants

    My platties are eating my plants is this normal and how can I reduce it happening ?
  18. Ingrid

    Guppy quantities

    How many female guppies should you keep for every male ?
  19. Ingrid

    Holiday feeding question

    Can holiday feeding blocks cause a ammonia spike?
  20. Ingrid


    Can you keep siamese fighting fish with platys?