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    It's Been A Long Time....

    Just logged in myself. Coincidentally, today is one day short of it being exactly 9 years since my last post.   A lot has changed! Was wondering if this was even the same forum until I managed to get my password working...
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    Bursting With News....

    I'm terrible with names, but congratulations! Since i'm in Victoria, i can't come up and visit (Unless i go up to QLD for a holiday this summer ;)) but keep us updated on the online store :) I've been looking for a decent website to buys supplies from for a little while. All the best with it. =)
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    I Got Myself A Black Lancer Catfish

    Out of curiosity, which LFS did you get it from? The only time i've ever seen them was at a shop over near Preston, i forget it's name exactly, but i know where it is, lol.
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    The existing mods decide who the new mods are, when the existing mods feel theres a need for new mods
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    Pics From Australia...

    *Drools* I'd love to go there =) All i've seen aquarium wise is Melbourne, which is okay, but nothing especial. Although they are almost doubling their floor space to build a penguin enclosure i believe. Which reminds me, i was given a voucher to go dive/swim with the sharks in the...
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    $20 -9/11 Topic Closed

    For Darkstar, a quote from the forum rules: The way i see it, theres nothing wrong with what Steelhealr did
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    A Discus Forum

    Personally, i think the forum is right as it is and endless sub-dividing will eventually lead to problems. Sure there are a few threads about discus popping up every couple of days, but imo, if a sub-forum is added for discus, then somebody will want one for angelfish, then one for dwarf...
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    Awe Inspiring

    Slightly off topic, well, a lot of topic! I've always been around :P Just not posting as much, i don't know why but it got to the point where after a day of work/being at uni, i much prefered just skimming through the forums and reading threads rather than moving and merging them, etc...
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    Awe Inspiring

    Even though i don't live in the UK, i think i might start buying PFK. Everybody always talks about it, or writes in it, yet i never read it, so i feel a tad left out :P
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    All my university lectures are podcast. They're the only ones i listen to.
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    Is There Any Certian Subjects U Have To Do

    Back many years ago, i got my job at a lfs by doing a weeks work experience there. I don't know if school kids still have to do that, it might not be compulsory anymore. Anywho, back to the point, the whole idea behind work experience is that you get a 'feel' of what it's like to work in a given...
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    Not Very Active....

    Congratulations on the Job! And i enjoyed reading your articles in PFK. Although it was mighty hard to find a copy over here
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    Rummys Lose There Red At Night

    Callie84 is correct, at night most bright fish tend to dull their colour in order to be a less obvious target for predators. Imagine if it was pitch black and you had a bright red're just waiting for an angelfish or an arowana to eat you...however, by dulling your colour at night you...
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    Interactive Fishcam

    This fishcam reminds me of a TV show on Channel 31 in Melbourne (which just got taken off the air unfortunantly). Anywho, channel 31 is what could probably be described as a community television station, and when they had nothing to put on, they used to aim at TV camera at an aquarium and let it...
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    Long Suffering Members Lol

    I've been here for as long as long as that thing under my name says....i forget what it says exactly, but i have a feeling it's December 03 or something...
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    Aquarium Tracker Program.

    i started doing the same thing...try make myself useful around here again :P But my programming skills arn't the greatest, haha
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    Whats Your Alltime Favourite Rock Band

    Liberate your mind you...well, in case i get banned, how about i don't mention the rest :P I can't pick a "favourite" rock band, but my top 4 would be Pixies, The Mars Volta, Killswitch Engage, The Blood Brothers! But like Dwarfs, i'm a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Disturbed, Children...
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    Favorite Book(s)?

    The Outsider (sometimes called 'The Stranger') and The Plague, by Albert Camus. Existentialist literature at it's best!
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    Congrats To Tolak On Becoming A Mod.

    Congratulations to you too Tolak :)