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    Just A Small Thing

    It's not exactly a big issue but as a Retired Mod i can't see or access the TFF FAQ Topics forum :blink: I don't know, maybe the permissions or something need to be changed :unsure: Just thought i'd bring it up :good:
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    Well, i got a 120 gallon tank at home just sitting on the floor doing nothing and after my 8 days in Queensland, diving in the reef there, the idea of a setting up a reef tank was inveitable, i know i said i was wanting to go with discus, but on the other hand, heres my chance to go marine...and...
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    New Tank

    Well, I’ve decided 35 gallons worth of fish just aren’t enough for me anymore and thanks to all the hours I’ve been putting in at work, I’ve managed to save up money to buy a new, and significantly larger tank which got delivered this morning, it's 4'x2'x2', or 452 litres...still need to work...
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    Hey guys, i just have a couple of questions about plecs i hope somebody knows the answer too (looking at pauls and the minions :P). If possible would you guys be able to tell me how the genus's Peckoltia and Panaque differ from the genus of all the other plecs? I'm filling in an application to...
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    Catfish Problem

    Hey all, last night i noticed my balck lancers stomach was quite swollen and had patches of white all over it's body (mostly on the swollen parts). I put it in another tank straight away and thankfully it survived the night but i have no idea what to do with it now, in terms of medication. If...
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    Arowana experts, and Australian imports

    Hey everybody, as a lot of you already know, us fishkeepers have trouble getting fish into the country due to our extremly tight import laws. I'v been in contact with the Department of the Environment and Heritage as well the the Australian director of the international wildlife trade and i'v...
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    F0 C.Schwartzi

    Hello everybody :) A LFS near me just recieved a small shoal of about 12 F0 (wild caught) Corydoras Schwartzi, since i'm looking to buy some cory's with the intention of breeding them i thought thesee guys (and girls) would be a perfect oppurtunity, we don't usually get wild caught fish around...
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    125 Gallon tank...

    Today at work, a friend of mine told me a guy he knows is selling his 125 gallon tank, sump, and stand due to an un-expected transfer overseas. Apparently it's in perfect condition. Anyway, what i was thinking was either turning it into a marine tank...or just using it as another FW tank. So i...
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    This was origionally going to be an pinned topic on keeping and breeding members of the genus Colisa but i've decided to extend this article to cover the keeping and breeding of popular gourami as well as some of the less popular and more uncommon fish. Enjoy reading :) The genus Colisa is made...
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    Bristlenose Catfish

    Common Name/s: Bristlenose Catfish Scientific Namr: Ancistrus dolichopterus Family: Loricariidae Origin: Amazon River, South America Maximum Size: 4.5" (12cm) Care: Bristelnose catfish are not a strictly nocturnal fish. These algae eaters establish territories around caves, peices of wood...
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    Buenos Aires Tetra

    Common Name/s: Buenos Aires Tetra Scientific Name: Hyphessobrycon anisitsi , previously Hemmigrammus caudovittatus Family: Characidae Origin: Argentina, Paraguay and Southeast Brazil Maximum Size: 3" (7cm) Care: Keep these fish in as larger group as possible, they are an active shoaling...
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    Cheap Lighting

    I'v got a 25 Gallon tank that needs lights. Since working at a supermarket, packing shelves and going to school don't give me too much money i'm looking for a cheap way to light the tank. :D It's 2ft long, and i'm hoping to give it between 2 - 3 watts per gallon using fluro lights, or maybe...
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    Desk lamps

    I have a 10" high tank and want to plant it, i can't exactly afford proper aquarium lights atm, so would it be possible to use a desk lamp or two, each containing a 40 watt globe, to grow Low - Medium light plants?
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    Need opinions

    I have recently purchased a 25 Gallon tank i'm intending to breed Chocolate Gourami in, there will also be 4-5 Khuli loaches in it. Anyway, my question is what will be a better substrate, sand or gravel? I need something the loaches can burrow in AND a substrate that plants can grow well in...
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    Need help picking plants

    As the title mentions, i have no idea what i'm doing when plants are concered, so i need some help picking some I'm setting up a 25 gallon tank for chocolate gouramis, there will be low light, and i hope to have the tank heavily planeted. Sand will be used as a substrate...what plants should i...
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    Chocolate Gourami

    as of next week, i'm going to begin cycling a tank, in which i will breed chcolate gouramis. I'v been reading as much as i can on their what they require, how they breed, their care, etc, etc. I have received a great deal of help from others, mostly Ryan. I'm going with a 25 gallon tank (2' x...
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    Next week, i will be setting up a new tank (25 gallon) to breed chocolate gourami, it will have a sand substrate, with a small amount of peat under it. Half of it will be heavily planted with wisteria, and it will have medium to low lighting, there will be some caves also...anyway, i'm looking...
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    i was browsing and i came across a koi article which said the longest living koi was 226 years old, is this true? do koi's really live up to that long?
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    Female Dwarf gouramies, angels and more

    lets start, here you see my angelfish, memo, swiming by...on a warm sunday morning, right before food time!
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    For the attention of Discus Keeper!!!

    i'v decided to go dicus, instead of reef becuase of runnig cost, and would like some help in the fish selections :) I'm planning on a 170 US gallon tank in which i want to keep disucs, angelfish, some bottom feeder, one or two kinds of tetras and a few "other" fish. I will be filtering the tank...