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    Baby Snails

    So...... My son found our first baby snail in my tank this weekend when doing the water change........ 1 hour later we think he was eaten..... How do we stop this from happening? How do snails have babies? The snails we have are Zebra snails. Thanks
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    Hi, I am looking into what fish to go for in our 110ltr tank We currently have 2 platys and 6 neons and want to research before we get any more. I like the below but we are unsure. Stone sucker *2 only grows to 5 cm Electric Blue Johannii, Blue Mbuna Angel Fish Discus Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid...
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    Hi, First of all please dont shout! Before joining this forum and reading up I bought a 110 ltr tank and have started what you call a fish in cycle. I currently have 2 Platys (I had 3 one died last night!) and 6 neons. I also have 6-8 live plants. As i have just mentioned i lost my male...
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    Newbie - Pregnant Platy

    Hi, I have just purchased a 110 litre tank two weeks ago and have put 3 platys in it last Saturday. Over the last few days I noticed some odd behaviour from one and went straight back to Maidenhead Aquatics for advice (Floating on the top or hiding on the bottom). It now seams that I have...