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  1. Weiro792

    Looking for Star Grass in New England, USA

    As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone on here has some star grass that they are willing to part with a few stalks? I'm in the Boston Area, I have quite a few plants I'd be willing to trade! PM me if you have any or know of someone who may!
  2. Weiro792

    Need help identifying a couple plants

    Hey everyone, haven't been on here in a while but I'm trying to figure out what these two plants are, the one on the left I believe is some type of sword, the one in the middle is almost like a long leaf rotala, but I can't nail them down. Any thoughts?
  3. Weiro792

    Check Out What I Found At My Lfs!

    I've been looking for a female Scarlet Badis for a long time and I had given up. But check out what I found today at my LFS
  4. Weiro792

    Riccia Fluitans Background.

    So I've been contemplating creating some type of a back ground for my 55 gallon planed tank. I was thinking about a slate rock, but then decided it would probably be too heavy, they I looked into the fake rock(foam covered in cement) but don't want to drain my tank... Then I thought of...   A...
  5. Weiro792

    Different Rainbows Schooling

    So I have 6 blue eye fork tail rainbows and  5 thread fin rainbows, all of which school together.    I was just wondering if this is typical behavior.    Also I have a bit of an issue with the male to female ratio of my forktail rainbows. I have 5 males and 1 female as this is all they had at my...
  6. Weiro792

    Threadfin Rainbow Males

    So I have 5 Threadfin Rainbow fish. I just posted a topic a day or two about the females sparring, now its the males turn.   They've really been going at it over the past couple of days and I noticed today that one of them has a torn dorsal fin.    So I guess what I'm wondering is if I should...
  7. Weiro792

    Threadfin Rainbow Females Sparing?

    So has anyone ever seen female Threadfins flare up their fins at each other? The 2 males I have spar all the time, but today I saw the females do it!    Just figured I'd see what people have to say!
  8. Weiro792

    Free Peacock Gudgeons In The Boston, Ma (Usa) Area

    Hey guys, I'm planning on selling my Gudgeons on craigslist slowly, but I figured if there is anyone on the forums that wants a couple, I'll give away a few.   They will be ready to go I'm guessing in 3 to 4 weeks. Most of them are nearing half an inch in size and eating very well.   Reply on...
  9. Weiro792

    What Type Of Stiphodon?

    So What type of stiphodon is this? I've done about an hour or two looking through pictures trying to identify this little guy. I'm pretty sure it is a female since it has very little color. But I'm seriously at a loss...  
  10. Weiro792

    Any Ideas?

    So I got this fish at my LFS and they sold it as a hara hara catfish. But I'm quite sure it isn't. I think its some type of stiphodon goby... Any thoughts?  
  11. Weiro792

    Knight Goby

    Anyone know much about these little fish? I was wondering if they would bother my Peacock Gudgeons? I have a heavily planted 55 gallon.
  12. Weiro792

    Plant Id

    Any ideas? I got this from my lfs and they/I had no idea what it is. It seems to be dong very well though.  
  13. Weiro792

    My Peacock Gudgeon Is Sick

    So recently I've lost nearly all of my tetras to what I believe was neon tetra disease. I thought it was over since I hadn't lost any fish in about a week and a half.   Now my female peacock gudgeon is looking under the weather. She is hanging out at the bottom and has white all around her mouth...
  14. Weiro792

    Java And Crested Java Fern Melting Off.

    Any ideas as to why its doing this?   So its been growing very nice. Recently I've lost a little over half of my stock. Could that cause it melting off like this?
  15. Weiro792

    Any Ideas?

    Any Ideas as to what this might be? It propagates via runners and currently ranges from 1/2" to 3"     
  16. Weiro792

    Help! Neon Tetra Issues.

    So I have a established 55 gallon tank that I've had set up now for around 8 months. So two weeks ago, I had a neon tetra die. I had 12. So I go and get a replacement from my lfs. Put him in and the next day I wake up to find him dead as well. So I return him and decided to get a new one.  ...
  17. Weiro792

    Breeding Tank Substrate

    So I'm wanting to put sand in my breeding tank as I'm expecting some peacock gudgeon fry. Is this ok? Or should I use a bare bottom tank.
  18. Weiro792

    Help! Yoyo Loach Dying!

    So I woke up this morning to see one of my yoyo loaches laying in my water sprite looking like this. It looks like some kind of fungal disease. Any help would be great! I got him about 2 weeks ago and hadn't seen him in about a week. But it never really bothers me as I have a heavily planted...
  19. Weiro792

    Diy Spray Bar

    So I built a spray bar the other day. Before I glue it together I had a question.    Is it ok to spray paint the bar or should I just leave it as is. The reason I'm waiting to glue it is if I'm not going to paint it I will be much more careful about the adhesive. Thanks!
  20. Weiro792

    Any Ideas?

    Hey guys, just looking for some ideas on what to do with this.   Plants:   Java Moss Java Fern Crested Java Fern 2 different Anubis Amazon Sword Water Sprite Red Jungle Vallisneria Dwarf Hair Grass Red Ludwiga Ludwiga Perucnsis   I'm honestly just looking for ideas and critiques on how to make...