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    Can Anyone Recommend A Filter?

    Just getting back in to the hobby after a few years away. Starting small and just got myself a little 55L cube. Anyway can anyone recommend a external canister filter that will do the job for a 55L? My only requirements are that it is nice and quiet. :)    
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    New Tank Recommendations

    Hi all,   I have been out of the hobby a few years now but thinking about getting back into it. Something smaller around 90L is what I want this time, but it looks like Juwel only start from 125L these days. Any recommendations? Also which places do people use to buy online? Previous sites I...
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    15l Nano Cube... Fish Choices?

    I have this little 15L cube kicking about that I once had a betta in. I'm setting it up again and wondering what fish would be suitable for a tank of this size. Any suggestions? I was thinking a few little cory for the bottom although I've read the tank may be too small for these and shrimp...
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    Need Advice For A New Tank

    I've just managed to smash the tank my betta was living in so need some advice / recommendations on a new one. It doesn't need to be big and fancy as he's the only fish that will be living in there. Something small with a little heater and hob filter would be ideal?
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    Leaking Canister Filter..

    My tank has been stood empty for a few years and I'm setting it up again now. My external canister filter fires up just fine but as soon as I turn it on I hear a hissing noise and water seeps from between the filter base and where the main head of it fits on. It all seems to be sitting fine and...
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    Where To Buy Filter Spares

    The rubber rings that go between the filter baskets inside my canister filter have split. Does anyone know somewhere to buy them? The filter is an Atman AT-3337 which is just an Eheim clone. Someone has said Atman make the filters from Aqua One and the filters are exactly the same as theirs...
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    Koi Carp Jumping

    We have a pond outside and at the moment the koi carp keep jumping out the water daily. None of them have jumped clean out the pond as of yet so we have been lucky. Any ideas why they are doing this?
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    Which Water Conditioner

    Which water conditioner do you use? I have tried many different products now, tap safe was my favourite for a while but I find it does not last that long when changing nearly 90L of water every week. Any out there that last that bit longer?... :blink:
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    Riccia Hair Nets Online?

    Does anyone know where hair nets suitable for holding riccia down can be bought online? I had a quick look on eBay but I'm not sure which ones will do the job.
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    Rotala Indica Growing Slow

    I recently bough some new plants, all are growing well except the Rotala Indica. I dose the EI method and run about 2.5WPG. When it came it was really red I expected the red to fade to green and new growth to be green as I guessed I would not have enough lighting to keep the bright red. This...
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    In Need Of Glosso

    I bought some Glosso from java-plants and to be honest it is crap, I planted some of it which was probably a waste of time. My yoyo's dug it up anyway and I don't see the point replanting as it's rubbish quality. Does anyone have some nice home grown glosso they may want to trade? I would also...
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    I just ordered a few plants from them and can't figure out if my order went through or not. I confirmed the order and they it asked me to sign up to some new security thing at which point I closed the tab. I presumed the order had gone through but I have no confirmation and if I log in to my...
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    Glosso At

    Just about to order some glosso from java-plants and wondering how much to get. It says £2.40 per 5 plants, given the size of Glosso this can't be individual plants surely? Anyone ordered Glosso from them? :blink:
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    Foreground Carpeting Plants

    I'm placing an order for some plants in a week or so and require a foreground carpeting plant. Up until now I was set on Glossostigma although have read it can be very invasive so will need trimming back a lot? Any other problems? Other than that all I have considered is Hemianthus...
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    What Does £10 Buy At Aqua Essentials?

    I'm putting an order through and I need to spend an extra £8 to qualify for free shipping so I might as well buy something rather than spend about £5 on shipping. What would you buy? I don't have a Co2 tester so I'm tempted by this, they any good...
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    Did Aqua Essentials Stop Selling Plants?

    I don't see any and I'm sure they used to? :unsure:
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    People With Pythons Or Similar

    How do you get your water temperature to match that of the tank without a mixer tap? Also how do you add your water treatment, just add to the tank once it has refilled? :unsure:
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    Recommend A Cheap Diffuser

    I currently inject through my canister filter and have done for years but my spray bar always moves and I want to try angling it differently which will affect the amount of Co2 I inject and I don't want to inject more through the filter. Anyway my tank is 180L, I inject 2 bubbles a second and I...
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    Reccommend Me Some New Tubes

    I'm currently running 4 x 30W Arcadia Freshwater Lamps (T-8's) but they all now need replacing. What's the current buzz in the planted world of tubes? I have been out the loop of fish for a while so I'm a but clueless as to what's currently on the market. :unsure:
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    Fish Id

    I got bought these fish, they have been in the tank quite some time now so I'm not worried about compatibility but would like to know what they are. :good: Pic is not the best as they move very fast!