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  1. Chrizh

    Switching from internal to external thermo advice

    Hi My current setup has an EHEIM BioPower 160 internal filter. I'm switching to an external filter this week as I much prefer them for multiple reasons. I'm pretty happy with how I will do this swap however I do have one question regarding water temperature control. At present the tank has an...
  2. Chrizh

    Need help identifying this one

    Hi, a friend of mine donated me some of his plants which are shown below. He did not however know the name of it. Anyone here able to identify this one please? ☺ Note: it's the one completely in shot. Not the java fern to the right. Thanks
  3. Chrizh

    Just checking in

    Hey just wanted to way hello. Have joined as I've recently got back in to fishkeeping having had several marine and freshwater tanks (mostly small) in the past. This time round I wanted to go bigger and have an EHEIM VivaLine LED 126 litre. Always wanted a tank with a shoal of neon there's...