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  1. Barracuda518

    Chela Dadiburjori Aka Orange Chela

    I just bought a nice group of these fish. I should receive them in the next couple of days. Anything special I need to know about them?? Lateral Line, what are your opinions on this fish?
  2. Barracuda518

    Crossocheilus Siamese And Synodontis Catfish

    Anyone ever kept these two species together? If so, any problems? Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Barracuda518

    Pictures Of My Corydoras Sterbai

    Some pictures of my C. sterbai: Thanks for looking :good:
  4. Barracuda518

    C. Sterbai Pictures

    Some pictures of my C. sterbai: ] Edit: Im having problems getting the pictures to show up. Please let me know if they load :blink:
  5. Barracuda518

    Apple Snail Eggs

    I have 3 apple snails that are laying clutches of eggs every 4-5 days. I am having no luck in getting the eggs to hatch. Any suggestions on the best way to achieve this? They have just layed 2 clutches tonight. Thanks for the help in advance.
  6. Barracuda518

    Apple Snail And Cherry Shrimp Feast

    Its been a while since I have posted, but I decided to post some pictures. I took these today after I dropped and algae wafer into the tank. They all went crazy over it! You can also see some Pangio kuhlii and C. pygmaeus enjoying it too :D Thanks for looking 8-)
  7. Barracuda518

    Scleromystax Kronei

    I posted this in the Catfish Section, but I know a lot of people do not go to that section, so I thought I would post them here too :good: I thought I would post some new pictures of my S. kronei I got last summer. They are really starting to look like adult Scleromystax. Im hoping this is...
  8. Barracuda518

    Scleromystax Kronei

    I thought I would post some new pictures of my S. kronei I got last summer. They are really starting to look like adult Scleromystax. Im hoping this is a male/female pair (Frank, Ian feel free to give your imput): I think these are males: Feeding on earthworm sticks: Without the...
  9. Barracuda518

    Raphael Catfish

    I got these fish about 10 months ago and just wanted to give an update. Here is a picture when I first got them: Here is the original topic: New pictures taken today: They have trippled in size :D
  10. Barracuda518

    Brochis Britskii

    More to follow :D
  11. Barracuda518

    Cherry Barbs

    I went to the LFS to get some fish today and saw these. I couldnt help but get some. Thanks for looking :D
  12. Barracuda518

    New Brochis

    I posted these over in the Corydoras section, but thought I would also post them here. I got some Brochis multiradiatus and Brochis britskii yesterday. The multiradiatus are in the 4" range :blink: Thanks for looking :)
  13. Barracuda518

    New Planted Tank

    I like the way it has turned out. Hopefully I can keep the plants alive seeing as this is my first attempt at a planted tank. Thanks for looking :good:
  14. Barracuda518

    More New Fish

    I have some new catfish that will be here on Tuesday. Im getting some Brochis multiradiatus, Brochis britskii, and Corydoras pygmaeus. The Brochis are in the 4" range :blink: They are going into my newly live planted tank and Im sure they are going to uproot everything. Pictures will be...
  15. Barracuda518

    Eco-complete Plant Substrate

    Im sure this has been asked several times about Eco-Complete, but I dont know much about it and I need to get some ASAP. Can I put sand on top of if? I dont want to use gravel unless I have to because the fish in the tank will be 90% Corydoras. Im going for an easy planted tank without CO2...
  16. Barracuda518

    New Catfish

    I got some Platydoras costatus (Striped Raphael Catfish) today. They are very young, maybe 1.5" at the moment. They got their own 10 gallon to grow out in before I move them into a bigger tank. I had some of these a long time ago that were this size when I got them and were between 5-6" when...
  17. Barracuda518

    Zoo Atlanta (part Two)

    More pictures: Elephants: Part One: Thanks for looking.
  18. Barracuda518

    Zoo Atlanta (part One)

    I went to Zoo Atlanta this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. It was very nice and well maintained zoo and I hope to go back soon. We didnt get to see all of the animals because part of the zoo was shut down to catch an animal that escaped. Here are some pictures: Pink Flamingos...
  19. Barracuda518

    Scleromystax Kronei

    I tried to take some pictures of my young C. kronei today. They are very difficult to photo right now because they are so active. So I dropped an earthworm stick in there to get their attention. They were distracted by that because they love to eat :good: Thanks for looking. Any...
  20. Barracuda518

    New Cories Coming My Way!

    Sometime Wednesday, I will be getting my second order from Frank (Coryologist). I am getting Scleromystax kronei, Corydoras nattereri and some Adult Albino C. Aeneus that I know of. There are always surprises in boxes of cories Frank sends, so I cant wait!! I will post pictures as soon as I...