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  1. Cichlid4life

    Help! My hillstream loach has skin peeling-off

    i didn't know how to call this, but it seem like my loach has a skin peeling problem or something. Please help, i have a 16 gallon biocube, and i have two pseudogastromyzon fangi in the tank, one of which has some sort of white stuff on the snout. i will get images and params as i can.
  2. Cichlid4life

    RIP Black Moore

    I had to go out of town Wednesday morning for the holidays, and my very old black moore (I had him for about 4.5 years) was barely alive and very lethargic and he was going to die from starvation while i was gone because he was not eating any of the pellets that i force fed him with since...
  3. Cichlid4life

    Help!!! Eye is swelling and threatening to burst!!!

    Please help me!!! I bought this wonderful OB peacock at the size of one inch, now he is about 7 inches. I have only had him for about a year now, and he is the tank boss, he is the only male with three females and a bunch of fry. Yesterday he started to develop cataracts, one eye was slightly...
  4. Cichlid4life

    Hi i am Cichlid4 life, from Fishlore.

    i just want to say h and let some of you know that are from fishlore that i am cichlid4life on fishlore too.