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  1. cascades4vrbo

    What kind of Back-up power supply can I purchase for my 5 gallon Tank for the heater?

    I have been on Amazon looking for a back-up power supply for my 5-gallon Fish Tank with one Betta Fish to keep a 100 watt heater to stay on. I am too confused on what to buy. I lose power when a tree falls and when it snows a lot in the winter.
  2. cascades4vrbo

    Hello I’m New and Own Betta Fish

    I love Betta Fish and Have experience with Caring for Betta Fish for 10 years. I sometimes have questions on Disease and health of Betta Fish and that is why I joined. Thank you.
  3. cascades4vrbo

    Baby Male Betta with missing Scales

    Hello I brought home and saved a male Baby Betta at a Petshop, but noticed his Scales are missing on his head and looks like on one side peeling off. Also, his fins look like they are curling up on the bottom. Not Sure what is going on. Water Parameters are great and I am using AQ Salt, Stress...